Complete Advice For The Procrastinator: Produce the Novel You want To Write

A Novel In The Making

Years of imagining a storyline that could already be completed

Alright, you've decided to write a book. That's great! Only one thing; that was five years ago. Whether it's fiction or a true story, if your desire to complete the work has been strong over this period of time you've probably written the beginning, storyline, plot, ending and maybe a sequel several times already just through your imagination. Your problem has been tranfering it to another medium i.e. a laptop screen and disc .

When I started writing, 'Eden's Fallen Shaman', it was two years in the making or in my imagination, rolling over and over again. When I finally got to my laptop and started to write, I produced sixty pages before I hit a dry spell. That's two years of coming up with an original sci-fi novel with original characters, plot and ending. My advice for those who have thought it over for far too long, start writing, the novel is in you. Benson Brock


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