A Painter

Brush and paint are my powerful tools.

I seek around for ideal models.

I travel from London to Seoul.

I want to paint, but I couldn’t.

At twenty, I paint almost everything

But everything isn't good.

So I'm pestered and I crumpled them.

What should I paint?

Though I wanted to paint, why I couldn’t?

I tried to paint a human form in all ages and gender,

I tried to paint nature and wild animals,

All were my masterpiece.

But suddenly I couldn't paint.

I seek. Seek. And I seek.

I listen. Analyse. And observe.

Rica said, "Quit painting!"

Oliver said, "Try teaching!"

Lawrence said, "Why not writing?"

Andrew said, "I suggest tourism."

Neil said, "Oh, how about singing?!"

Daniel said, "Please do what makes you happy!"

Though it's borning me out.

I give it another try.

But this time, I want to paint nature, palaces, and the sky.

I want a paradise!

Rica, I have a tiny brush in my hands,

you too can paint!

Paint your nature beautifully dear.

Paint your palace everywhere.

Paint the blue sky.

Because I know for sure you too can paint your own paradise!

Copyright @2012 Lanzskie. All rights reserved

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