this is what i deserve?


The pain of a family

I miss you.

I miss the laughter we shared.

I miss when you use to care.

Where did the days of us being a family go.

My heart is bleeding, but still you just walk on by.

You were all that I needed, but you let me die.

All my happiness is erased when I think of all the times you made me cry.

Even through this pain I still feel sorry I left you behind.

I had no other choice......

The life you had me living was a lie......

Where are the days....

those sweet days of my childhood we had such fun!!!!

My heart still bleeds.....

and you still walk on by.

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loua profile image

loua 6 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet

Wow, very touching; and well said, it sums up what every human experience is in one perspective or another.

It is such a travesty that we are made to think that what we have is ours to have without knowing that all things will pass even the pleasant and good things...

We must come to understand we are nothing; but a life-experiment of the mind-existence of self-experience...

You my dear are now a witness to the allusion of life, as it has impressed its virtues on your soul...Remember to treat life as the game it is, you hold the interpretation of these life-virtues for your journey course and path... Make the best translation you might for you are creating your future with each memory of them...

Keep your sadness, troubles, and worries lightly on your back so they do not interfere with the pace you keep in life and do not look back, it is the past and meant to be that...

May your best wishes and much happiness come your way…

chrissie123 profile image

chrissie123 6 years ago Author

Thanks loua Your comments are always nice to recieve. I wish much happiness to you too XD

Cheeky Girl profile image

Cheeky Girl 6 years ago from UK and Nerujenia

The bad things in life don't last forever. We all go through these feelings. I lost count of the times I experienced it. I have been on both sides of that equation.

Here's a weird story: a friend of mine - she was going through a really bad patch in her life, she had been let down by a close friend. She was very hurt. She was a student, and was worried about failing a test - an essay. She broke down in class, the teacher asked her did she want to leave? My friend said no. She finished it but only wrote one sentence. The sentence read -

"All living things need helpful belonging..."

That one sentence still got her a good grade! How do I know this? Simple, I was the friend who let her down. When she told me, I was stunned. We are best friends now.

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