Time In A Bottle (Drifting…)

Drifting Away...

Drifting on a boat to nowhere. Learning but never taken lessons as learned. Will my life find it’s destiny? Find the love thats meant for me and me alone. Tears cried, love lost. My heart breaks from loneliness. Missing my heart, my love, my life.

Drifting to nowhere thinking very hard about the choices I’ve made throughout the years. Damn, I’ve made some stupid mistakes. When will I ever learn? My mother and grandmother asked me. When will I gain the strength to fight what makes me weak and bring me down?

Drifting, drifting, searching for a sign but no clue in sight. Time keeps ticking and I’m bound to find freedom in the nick of time or am I running out of time as I drifted away in this time bottle.

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HattieMattieMae profile image

HattieMattieMae 5 years ago from Limburg, Netherlands

Very good, and something we all face!

kiona tuner 5 years ago

Great job, your such an inspiration.

Orlando  5 years ago

I agree brother mad talented. keep up the good work.

Tylensky 5 years ago

Your words are meaning to life young man, grow in true and the rest shall follow...

Latoyarice profile image

Latoyarice 5 years ago from Miami Fl

Oh so drifting..

Joe Anderson 7 months ago

Love this song. It's so inspiring and motivational.

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Ricemedia5 7 months ago

Love this poetry! Its so inspiring.

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MightyJoe 7 months ago

Beautiful and inspirational.

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Charliemurry 7 months ago

These words are deep!

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Pipe Lalow 7 months ago


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Monkeyb 7 months ago

I can relate.

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Teboz20 7 months ago


Hiphops Best Poet profile image

Hiphops Best Poet 7 months ago

This here goes deep. I see many messages told through these lyrics. Life is everything and much is required. Much is giving...

LaFinest profile image

LaFinest 7 months ago

I am imspired!

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Leroy Hines 7 months ago


Paulzstringer profile image

Paulzstringer 7 months ago


Corey 7 months ago

Drifting... So deep.

Tina Richard 7 months ago

I can relate to this... Love it's message and ending. So inspiring.

LoveBug69 7 months ago

Life changing...

Henry 7 months ago


Courage 7 months ago

Life always seem like time in a bottle. This poem has truly changed my life.

Yola Yung 7 months ago

This poetry maked you want change in your life away from everything and everyone. Just you searching for time in a bottle.

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JackieKing34 7 months ago

This poem frees me and takes me on a journey inside life.

Tony601 profile image

Tony601 7 months ago

All time favorite. This poem moves each and everytime i read it :)

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