The Time I Lost

The seconds lost

I lost

Second ain't first

Time to give up my dreams

Time to give up on our dreams

Every hour wasted

Progress tasted was but an illusion

Minutes run by as the clock ticks

Reminding me how wrong I was

Look at my wrist

Watch the fingers point

Put the blame on me

Face stares at me with disdain

Put me to shame

Mismatched hands make me feel odd

Even as it's stuck to a face

A face hidden behind a transparent mask

And suddenly everything is clear

Minutes always running out

Slow down and think

What am I doing?

Never gonna get this hour back

Never gonna get our time back

Better spend it right

This time

Watch me do this right this time

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Time - Always Running Out

We are always running up and down trying to get something done and never really notice the time that flies by, the time we will never get back. During our lives we will experience success and failures, joys and regrets. Regrets.

Regrets are something in life that nobody wants to have. When you are on your deathbed you would like to have an unburdened hurt, content with everything that has happened in your life. Too often, we spend time worrying and regretting things that have been and have gone. We do not recognize that we are wasting even more time in hindsight, time we will not get back. We need to realise that the past is simply that, the past: an event or series of event that have already occurred and that we can do nothing to change. We need to let go of our pasts and take hold of our future. We will create a better past from the present.

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