The Trouble With Trevor

Car Trouble

I was late getting to the office and I have a presentation with a new client. Now the car just stopped in the middle of busy Robinson Road in the middle of morning rush hour traffic. i didn't have time to stop and get my small hot mocha from Mc Donalds. The cars behind me were honking for me to get the car out of traffic and it was no way I was going to push a car in high heels. Then he came my savor.

My savor was a tall very dark skinned man who had what looked like long dreadlocks pulled back neatly into a ponytail. He strode across the street wading through a sea of cars. He pierced into my open car window "It looks like you could use some help."

"You came right on time. My car just died on me. Could you help me get out of the street?"

"Sure I can. I'll push and you steer."

He got on the side of the car and began pushing it out of traffic. We managed to get the car on the side of the road which was a small street that parallel the main part of the street. When we got the car situated, my savior, opened the hood and began to see what was wrong with the car. I got out and stood next to him so I could see what he was doing.

He was jiggling the wires that led to the battery. "Looks like you have a bad connection because of all of the crud which has built up on you're battery cables."

I didn't know the battery cable from anything else under the hood so I just nodded when he showed me the cable was crusted with a white crystal like substance. "See that," he said pointing to the crystals on the battery cable "this is the cause of all of your problems. I'll go across the street and get a coke and clean them off then your car should start up."

All I could do is nod. I watched him jog back across the street dogging cars as he went. I said to myself what a fine man. It didn't take him long to get the coke and he came jogging back across the street. He wasn't out of breath like her husband Harold would have been. He came back and poured the coke on to the battery cables. As soon as he did that the white crystals disappeared.

"Let me rinse this with water and then you'll start her up." he said as he took the water that he was carrying and rinsed off the coke "Okay, start her up."

I tuned on the ignition and the car started right away. "Thank you."

I reached into my purse to give him some money for helping me out. I fished out a twenty dollar bill and handed to him. He refused and said "Maybe you can return the favor someday."

I tried to give him the money but he continued to refuse. I drove off to my meeting. I couldn't get that man out of my mind all the way to the office. I had to stop concentrating on the handsome stranger before I get to the office. I looked at the time and I was going to e late to the meeting. I fumbled in my purse, while stopped for the light, for my cell phone and the bluetooth that I needed to talk and drive. It's a law in California that you have to have a hands free device to talk on the phone and drive at the same time. That law sure cut down on my productivity.

I touched the button on my bluetooth until I got to the voice command. I called my assistant Lois because I didn't want Harold to know where I was because he would be mad that I went down Robinson Road.

It took a few rings for Lois to answer "Shorter and Company, Marva Storter's office."

"It's me Marva. Is the client there yer?"

"Yes, they just got here about ten minutes ago. Where are you?"

"I'm not far. Tell Harold I'll be there soon."

"Ok. What if he asks me where are you?"

"Just tell him I'll be there soon. Bye"

I got to the office as they were walking into the meeting room. Harold let the clients in first then held me back from going in "Where were you? You almost missed the meeting."

"Car trouble. I'll tell you later."

We had a successful meeting. The client signed with us right away. I wanted to celebrate us getting such a big account and I thought that me and Harold would go out to lunch. I went to his office and his assistant stopped me from going in. "Mr. Shorter is on an important phone call and he said he didn't want to be interrupted."

I looked at Rhea with contempt. How dare she tell me that I can't go into my husband's office. I didn't care what she said, I was going in any way and I walked passed her. As I was going into Harold's office as she repeated "Mr. Shorter is on an important phone..."

Rhea attempted to follow me into the office when I shut the door in ;her face before she could rush in after me. Harold told the person on the phone a hurried I'll call you back later.

"Who was that on the phone?" I asked.

"It was a prospective client."


It took Harold a little while to answer my question so I knew he was making up a lie "You can't remember who you were talking to that fast."

"You know Marva, it's beginning to sound like you're trying to accuse me of something."

"I'm not accusing you of anything. You're the one acting suspicious. Telling Rhea not to let anyone in because you're on an important phone call. I guess that request included me."

"Marva you're making a big deal of nothing." then he changed the subject "I have a question for you, where were you this morning?"

"The car stopped."

"The car stopped. Did you call AAA?"

"Didn't have to. A kind stranger helped me. He said that the battery cables had gook on them. He cleaned them off and then the car started right up."

"Well at least you got to the meeting before it started."

"I'm glad too. The important part is that we got the account. Now let's celebrate by going and having a long lunch. We can go to the Kosher sushi restaurant down the street."

"Kosher sushi, does sound interesting but I have another meeting with a potential client. You go and take Lois with you. I just had an idea, you and Lois take the rest of the day off."

"How kind of you and what about Rhea?"

"I need her to help me with some things." he reached into his pocket and peeled off two hundred dollars "This aught to be enough to buy you lunch. Take my car and I'll take yours to the shop when I finish here." he tossed me the keys to his car and I left the keys to my car on his desk.

"Will you be home for dinner?'

"I hope so but don't wait up."

I waked out of Harold's office more suspicious. I wondered if he was having an affair. I looked back and stared into his office and he waved at me. i shook my head to shake out the suspicion that Harold was having an affair. I looked for my assistant and she was not at her desk so I left her a voice mail to tell her I was gone for the day and to direct my calls to Harold and she could take the rest of the day off.

Harold and Trevor

I was introduced to Harold Shorter by a mutual friend Roland Sutter. Roland said that his friend needed a man in my line of work. My line of work is giving pleasure to lonely women who could afford my fee. Pay for play. Roland set up the meeting between Harold and me at a small cafe near where he worked. I hoped that this man I was about to meet was not gay because I'm strictly a ladies man. I'd tell the man in no uncertain terms that I was strait and leave the meeting.

I saw Roland sitting at a table alone. He had ordered a Corona. I saw a a server and ordered a Corona before I joined Roland "Roland, my man." I said patting him on the shoulder.

He stood up to greet me "Trevor, what's up." he said as we did the fist pound and gave each other a hug. We sat down I sat across from Roland.

"Let me get you a drink."

"I ordered before I sat down."


"Tell me about your man." I said as the server arrived with my drink.

"Nothing to tell. He wants you to seduce his wife."

"He must have a little chickie on the side and he wants a quickie divorce."

"I don't know." Roland nodded his head to give me the signal that his man was coming and to change the subject.

Harold approached the table he waved his hand. Roland waved back. When Harold got to the table he gave Roland the same greeting that I had given him. Then Roland introduced us "Harold this here is your man, Trevor Jones."

"Good to meet you man. Roland says that you're good at what you do."

"I'm the best. Let's have lunch before business, Harold."

After lunch and several Coronas later, Harold and me had a deal. Harold would give me a ten thousand dollar advance and five thousand to wine and dine her with. The five grand would be given in installments depending how the relationship was going. The last stipulation was that I be exclusive. Harold said that the ten grand was just a retainer.

I did ask Harold about his reasons for me seducing his wife. His answer was as I suspected was that he had his reasons. We set a date for me to meet him to get my ten grand advance at which time he would give me her vital statistics.

Our next meeting was set for the same restaurant where our first meeting took place. Harold slid me a manila envelope. " This should be sufficient enough for you to do your job."

I looked in the envelope and saw a stack of bills and a smaller envelope. I guessed that the money equaled to ten grand but never trust a stranger. "Let's go into the men's room and count this."

"Alright, let's go. Make sure that I didn't cheat you."

We walked into the men's room, waited until the man at the urinal left and then we took an empty stall. I took out the bills and counted hundred dollar bills until they equalled ten grand "i guess you've bought your wife the time of her life."

"I want a report on your progress."


Harold exited first, I waited a few minutes and then left. I went to my car and took the smaller envelope out and spilled the contents on the passenger side. They were pictures of his wife,Marva. She was a good looking woman. I wondered why he wanted me to seduce her if I were him, I'd be trying to keep her to myself. He included details about her daily schedule, car licence plate number and other things that Harold might think that I would need. I knew this job would be fun.

I started observing Marva about two days after my meeting with Harold. She was easy to follow she mostly sticks to the routine that Harold mapped out. I couldn't figure out how I was going to meet her, then I got lucky. Marva's car broke down one day. I was following her down Robinson Road when I saw her car slowing down. I saw a liquor store across the street from the lane that Marva was in so I pulled in and waited for her car to stop. When it did that was my cue to be her knight in shining armor.

I heard the fury of the drivers honking their at Marva as her car glided to a stop in the slow lane. I helped her to the side street where I could look at her car better. I took care of her problem and she went on her way. My next encounter with her was at a Staples store two days after the car incident, where she was looking for a light bulb for an overhead projector.

I spotted her in the isle where the light bulbs were studying two packages. I passed her and went down the isle next to her to come up behind her in the isle she was standing in. I came up behind her and tapped her on the shoulder. "We meet again."

She turned around startled. "Yes, we do. I never got to thank you for helping me that day."

"Well let me introduce myself, I'm Trevor Jones, and you're?"

"Marva Shorter, pleased to meet you." she said as she extended her hand for me to shake it which I did.

"Do you know about overhead projectors? I need to find a replacement bulb and you know the counter people are no help."

"I know what you mean. Do you have the model number?"

"No but the projector is in the car."

"Well let's go out to the car and take a look."

I let her lead the way. I looked at her she had a nice shape on her. I wondered if she had any children because she was in such good shape. I could see that she had strong legs she was wearing a skirt. When we got to the car she opened the rear door where the overhead projector was. "Do you have a pen and paper?"

She fished around in her purse until she found a pen and paper and she handed to me I wrote down the the model number. We walked back to the store

"Do you work out?" I asked as we were going into the store.

"I try to work out two or three times a week."

"It shows."

She smiled. We walked back to the light bulb isle and I found the right bulb. When we walked back outside she asked "How would you like to have lunch with me, you know, for helping me with the car and finding the light bulb."

"I would love to have lunch with you."

"Good. Since you're my guest you pick the place."

"Okay, I know of a health food restaurant that makes really good sandwiches and it's not far."

"Well I'll follow you."

We left the Staples store and headed west toward the ocean. This place I knew was relaxing and had a nice atmosphere. They always had some sort of live music. I parked got out of the car and walked over to her car and opened the door for her. When she got out of the car she stuck out her long legs first. As she got out of the car her skirt slid up a small amount to reveal one of her well toned thighs. I smiled.

While we were driving I had called ahead for a table with an ocean view. We were taken to a table with the best view in the restaurant I thought. I held out Marva's seat for her as she gracefully sat down. I sat across from her.

"This is a gorgeous view and this is a nice day it is not cloudy as it had been all week." Marva said as she looked out of the window at the people walking along the beachfront.

"Yes this is my favorite restaurant."

"I can see why because it sits right on the beach, I can hear the waves."

"I like coming here when the sun is setting, the waves look golden with the sun reflecting off of them and when all of the people are gone you can hear the waves really good."

"I'll have to come here one evening. I'm starved, what's good?"

I looked at the menu which changes weekly depending on what the chef can get that week. I saw that they had an ahi tuna dish with mango chutney with a salad and miso dressing which looked good. They also had a crab cake with a cucumber chutney and a creamy tarter sauce with shrimp. Both of the dishes sounded appetizing.

"Do you like tuna, if you do then I would suggest the ahi tuna."

"Are you going to have that? I was thinking about the crab cake. Have you had it before?"

"Yes it is very good, I was also thinking about the crab cake."

As we were making up our mind about what to eat our server came over "Are you ready to order?"

I ordered for us "Two of the crab cakes and two glasses of Riesling."

The server took our order and left. In a few minutes she reappeared with out wine and a basket full of hot bread and a ramekin of soft butter. "Would you like a piece of bread?" I asked Marva as I was buttering a piece.


I gave her the piece I was buttering and I gave it to her and buttered another piece for myself.

"So, Marva what do you do for a living?"

"I am a partner in an advertising firm."

"Sounds interesting."

"It's really not to interesting. Our company tries to sell people things that they don't want."

"Like what?"

"A shower towel with a pocket so the soap doesn't fall out when you're taking a shower, you know that type of thing."

"So you're one of those people that make those infomercials that you see late at night when they can't think of nothing else to put on television."

"I guess you could say that. What do you do, for a living?"

"I'm a personal trainer."

"I could see that you must be good at what you do. I could use some training."

I knew that I was in now with Marva and it was going to be downhill from now on. I always got the ladies with the personal trainer routine. "Let me give you my number so that we can set up a date when we can start."

"I don't know, we just landed a new account and I'm going to be busy over the next few weeks."

I smiled my most provocative smile "We can always find excuses. Set aside the time to get healthier because you're already in good shape and you want to keep it that way."

She looked at me and smiled. She looked in her purse and produce the same paper that I had wrote the model number for the overhead projector on and handed me a pen. I wrote down my cell phone number "I'm giving you my cell because that is the easiest way to reach me."

"Ok I'll do that when I can find the time." she said as she took the paper and pen and put it in her purse.

Our lunch came and we had some more small talk. After lunch was finished we had another glass of wine. Then she looked at her watch. "I'm late, I have to go Trevor. Let me pay for lunch." she said as went to get some money to settle the bill.

"No don't worry about it, I'm going to be here for a few minutes, I'll take care of the bill."

As she was rushing off "Thank you I'll owe you one."

I smiled and waved. This was the end of our first date. I guess I would stop following her now and wait for her phone call to set up a workout date. I think that it would be soon.

Lunch with Ollie

I had been about two weeks since I last saw Trevor Jones and he had made a big impression on me. He was a gentleman, he even paid for lunch. I couldn't stop thinking about him. I've even started dreaming about him. The dreams about him were so steamy that I had to get up and take a shower in the middle of the night. Some people would say that I was having hot flashes but I say that it was the dream I was having about Trevor.

I kept looking at his number over and over again and wanting to have a personal training session with him. Before I make the phone call to Trevor I'd consult my best friend Ollie Winters. Ollie and me had been best friends since I could remember. My twins and her oldest child were the same age. We were always together.

It was one of those beautiful days in L.A. sun shining bright and it was hot. The weather man said that it was going to be over one hundred degrees today. Shorts and sleeveless weather. Harold suggested that I take the day off and have some me time since I had been working on the account so hard, he figured that Lois, Rhea and he could handle things today, so I stayed home.

I called Ollie to see what she was doing on this hot day in L.A. I dialed her number and the phone rang several times and then the answering machine picked up. I didn't leave a message I just tried her cell phone and then I got an answer " Hey Marva, what's up?"

"I just was calling to see what you're doing for lunch?"

"I haven't made any plans. What do you have in mind?"

"I thought that we'd go out to the beach and have lunch and catch up."

"Are you going to pick me up or am I going to meet you there?"

"It's up to you. I can pick you up or I can text message the directions to you and you can meet me there."

"Alright, text message me and I'll meet you there. What time do you want to meet?"

"Let's have a late lunch, let's say around threeish."

"Sounds good to me. That will give me time to finish the loose ends I've been working on all morning."

"Okay see you then."

I found the name of the restaurant that Trevor took me to when we had lunch and I text messaged the directions to Ollie. i went and took my shower. As I was taking the shower my mind went back to Trevor. I imagined him soaping me up all over. I could imagine the strength of his hands as he would be applying soap to my body and massaging away all of the tightness in my muscles. The thought of Trevor made my shower more enjoyable. I was beginning to entertain thoughts of having an affair with Trevor. After I got out of the shower I laid on the bed for a little while and dozed off to sleep when I woke up it was one o'clock and I told Ollie that I would meet her at three so I had to hurry and get dressed.

It didn't take me long to get dressed, I had already picked out my outfit and the shoes to match. It didn't take long for me to do my hair, I just put on a wig.

When I got to the restaurant Ollie was already there. She was sitting at a table next to the window. She saw me coming and waved me over to her table, When I got to the table she already had ordered a drink. We hugged and kissed each other on the cheek.

"I hope that you haven't been waiting long, I fell asleep after my shower."

"Naw girl, I just got here a few minutes ago the server just brought my drink. Sit and we'll get you one."

"What are you drinking?"

"I'm having a California Iced Tea. You want one?"

"Never heard of it but I'll try anything once."

Ollie called the sever over and she took our drink order. "Well I guess it's time we play catch up." she said after the server left. "So what's going on with you these days?"

"Nothing much except I met a man who wants to be my personal trainer."

"Personal trainer? Sounds interesting, how did you meet him?"

"Remember I told you my car broke down on Robertson Road when I was going to work about two weeks ago, he helped me fix it and get to work."

"Does the mystery personal trainer have a name?"

"His name is Trevor. Let me tell you how he looks, he is such a dream, he is tall and dark like coco and he has dreads that go all the way down his back. He has what Diana Ross said in her song 'He's got muscle', they ripple every time he moves. His lips are so full they look very kissable."

"Sounds like you want him for something else besides personal training." Ollie said smiling.

I took a sip of my drink "I like this California iced tea. You know Ollie, I can't get that man off of my mind since we had lunch."

"You've had lunch?" Ollie said almost choking on her drink "When? You've known him that long to have lunch. I thought that you met him that one time when he fixed your car."

"I saw him again a couple of days later when I was looking for a light bulb for the overhead projector at Staples. After he helped me with the light bulb, we went out to lunch."

"And where did you go for lunch?"

"We came here."

"Here? This place must have some good food for you to come back."

"Yes they make a wonderful crab cake, I thought that I might have that for lunch. What are you going to have since you've had more time to look at the menu."

"I was thinking about their grilled ahi tuna and then I was looking at the teriyaki steamed salmon with the salad with the miso dressing and a California roll."

I laughed "You haven't made up your mind yet. I thought this time I would try the grilled ahi tuna."

"Well if you have that then I will have the salmon and we can taste each others."

"Sounds good to me."

We placed our orders and then I said "I think that Harold is having an affair."

"Where did that come from? Do you have any proof?"

"No he's just been acting strange and we haven't had sex in weeks. I thought that it might be the pressures on the job but I don't think so. We've been doing well despite of the economy, we've signed a couple of big accounts. I can think of something else."


"The day that the car broke down, Harold was on the phone and Rhea wouldn't let me in his office. She said he didn't want to be disturbed and when I asked him who was on the phone he wouldn't tell me."

"I guess that you could assume that he was having an affair from that but I wouldn't. What have you tried to peak his interest?"

"I tried to be sexy, you know,  I went out and bought new lingerie,fixed a romantic dinner of some of his favorites and tried to take a shower with him. After all of that no response."

"So, this is where the handsome, sexy stranger comes in. You need some sexual healing. I guess I can't blame you. I guess you have to get it where you can if you're not getting it at home."

"Tell me about it. I have been toying with the idea of an affair with Trevor and I'd have the perfect excuse, I'm going to see my personal trainer."

We both laughed. The sever brought our plates during our good laugh. Sometimes you need a good laugh with a friend to feel better. Ollie has always been able to make me laugh.

"I know what you need is a good vacation." Ollie said in between bites "I think that we should go on a just us girls vacation."

"Where? To the Caribbean or Hawaii? I haven't been to Hawaii in a long time. I've always wanted to go to Maui, every time we go it is to Honolulu i want to do something different."

"i vote that we go to Maui, since you've never been there."

"I second that."

"So in two week we'll go. Clarence should not need me and my business is doing well so in two weeks we'll be in Hawaii.

"Harold doesn't need me at work, he's been giving me more days off lately so I don't think work will be a problem. Lois and Rhea can handle anything that comes up."

"Okay, I'll make the travel arrangement and I'll let you know what's up."

"Meantime, I'm going to see how good a personal trainer Trevor is."

"Okay girl, don't do anything I wouldn't do, then again that doesn't leave much."

We finished our lunch and we gave each other a hug and a kiss on the cheek and went on our way. I sat in my car for a minute thinking about my up coming trip to Hawaii and I wanted to look good when I got there. I took out Trevor's number and ran my fingers across it as if I was caressing on of his muscular arms. I took out my phone and dialed Trevor's number.     I looked at his phone number lit up on the phone screen and it was difficult for me to push the send button. I something in me would not let me complete the call. I don't know what it was maybe it was me feeling guilty for what might happen or what. I got the number out again and put the number into the phone and this time I hit the send button. I let the phone ring twice and then I hung it up.

"This is silly." I said to myself and I redialed Trevor's number and this time I let it ring until his answering machine picked up.

I waited on his message to finish then left one and I was nervous "Hello, this is Marva Shorter, I don't know if you remember me. You helped me in Staples and then we went to lunch. Well I was interested in your services as a personal trainer and if you can give me a call." I left him my cell phone number because i didn't want Harold to ask a lot of questions.

I sat in the parking lot a few minutes to wait and see if he would call back. He didn't so I left and went home.

Meeting in Maui

I got a phone call from Marva two weeks after we had lunch. She said that she was ready for some personal training she wanted to get in shape for a trip that she was taking in two weeks. She just wanted to tone up for the trip. I set up a day to meet her at the gym so we could get started on her exercise routine.

i also got a phone call from Harold about Marva's trip. It was Harold who told me that Marva was going on a trip to Hawaii and he wanted me to be on the trip too. He was not happy about my progress with Marva. She had been harder to seduce than what he first thought. She was not hungry for male companionship. I felt like the breakthrough came when she called.

I arranged to meet with her on a Saturday at her gym. She went to the very private and exclusive L.A. Spectrum Club over in the Hughes center, I had been there as a guest a couple of times. I met her on the second floor of the four story gym, This is where they had all of the cardio training equipment. I saw her on the stair-master. She had on a pair of tight biker shorts and a tank top which really showed what good shape she was in. The sweat was pouring down her face from the workout she was getting. I walked up behind her but she didn't notice me because she had her ipod earphones in so I tapped her gently on the shoulder not to startle her.

She pulled out her earphones "Hey, I'm glad to see that you made it. Did you have any trouble finding this place because it can be a little tricky sometimes getting here especially if you haven' t been here before."

"No trouble, I've been here before as a guest. I see you've already gotten started with your routine."

"Yes I like to warm up by using the stair master, it helps loosen me up."

We went through several exercise routines, we finished by taking a power walk around the indoor track. We went to the smoothie bar that they had at the gym.

We got out smoothies and sat down at a table where you could see the people who were down in the swimming pool. "I've always liked this place because you can look down and see the pool. I feel like I can dive in that pool after the work out that you gave me." I said watching the people swimming.

"The workout I gave you." Marva said as she took a sip of her smoothie "I've never worked so hard in my life, I know that I will sleep well tonight."

"Just remember to stretch before you go to bed and drink plenty of water so you don't get dehydrated and your muscles don't ache as bad. That can happen after a strenuous workout."

"I will. "

"Marva, you know about me, tell me more about you. Are you married and do you have any kids?"

"Yes I'm married and I have twin daughters. My daughters are now graduated from collage and one is going to law school and the other wants to go into the business with me and my husband Harold."

"I can't believe that you have any kids. Most women who have had kids aren't in the best shape but you are in fantastic shape. How did you do it?"

"Well when I was pregnant I didn't eat everything in sight, like a lot of my friends did and I went for a walk every day until the doctor stopped me in my last month. After I had the baby a friend of mine gave me a South American binder to put on my stomach after I had the baby which made my stomach flat."

"What you did sure worked, you look good. You're going to be the best looking woman on your trip. Your husband should go with you to keep an eye on you."

She laughed "Well you don't know my husband. He trusts me not to get into trouble."

It was my turn to laugh. I thought that if only Marva knew what her husband was up to she wouldn't be happy. Maybe if she did know she would be more open to having an affair.

"When will we have our next session?" Marva asked.

I had my workout bag with my datebook in it. I looked in it to pretend that I had to see if I had any available dates when I knew that my schedule, as far as she was concerned, was wide open. "Looks like I have all of next week open, which day would you like?"

Marva was also looking in her datebook " I have a lot of meetings scheduled for next week, I guess that I could squeeze in a me day for Thursday."

"Thursday is a good day. What time should we meet, I can do it in the afternoon if that is alright with you?"

"Thursday is perfect. I'll give you a time on Wednesday."

"Alright, I'll wait for your call on Wednesday."

We finished our smoothies and I walked her out to her car where I hugged and kissed her on her cheek. "Good workout, see you on Thursday." I said as I closed her car door.

"I can't wait to see you on Thursday." She said as she started her car.

I moved back from the car and watched her pull off. I wondered if now she was beginning to loosen up because she let me kiss her on her cheek, that's progress, something that I could tell Harold.

Marva and me had workout sessions for the next week. I had only a week to work out an alibi about being in Maui since I wasn't supposed know that she was going there. I called on of the people who get me modeling work, Juanita Levine. She has her own line of men's clothing and she is often dong fashion shoots and needs help. It doesn't hurt that she is also one of my pay for play customers so she'd be more than willing to help me out.

I gave her a call on her private line. Juanita picked up on the first ring as if she were expecting a phone call " Juanita Levine's office, Juanita speaking may I help you?"

"I hope so."

"Trevor Jones, I was just thinking about you."

"All good thoughts I hope."

"Nothing but. What can you do for me today, Mr. Jones?"

"I thought that you might be needing a model who is willing to travel to Maui."

"Just so happens that I have a shoot coming up in Maui about a week from now,.and I could use your services."

"Wonderful. Call me with the details."

"You don't want to know how much it pays"

"Why is it below scale?"

"No, it is a very good rate and they are paying for a four star resort. I hear that it is all inclusive and very romantic."

"Will you be going or are you just going to send the clothes and the models and use another photographer?"

"No baby, I wouldn't miss Maui for nothing, short of death. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing you." she replied with that seductive tone in her voice.

"I'll see what extracurricular activities I can dream up for us."

"If you don't come up with any, I know that I can."

I laughed knowing the purpose of this trip was to seduce Marva but in case she doesn't want to bite then Juanita was a good back up plan "I know you can babe. I'll be hearing from you soon with those details."

"You certainly will. Ta-ta for now." Juanita said as she hung up the phone.

It was a week after I called Juanita that I was sitting on the plan headed to Hawaii. Juanita made sure that I had business class tickets so I wouldn't be cramped on the way there and I would be relaxed. Harold made sure that I had enough spending money and provided me with the information where Marva would be staying. Marva's resort was next door to the one where I'd be staying so the arrangements worked out perfectly.

When I arrived at the airport, I got the traditional greeting with a flower lei. Juanita had a town car waiting for me at the airport. It was a short ride from the airport to the resort. I walked in to my suite and found a fruit basket waiting for me, it was from Juanita. The card read: I can't wait to see you baby, but business before pleasure. I chuckled at the card on the fruit basked, Juanita was funny.

I had to figure out now how I was going to accidentally run into Marva. Marva had been there for two days already when I got there so it wouldn't be like I was following her. It would be like we met on coincidence. Since the resorts shared a beach that would be where I would start tomorrow afternoon since I have an early morning shoot.

The shoot the next day was grueling I was beat by the time noon came around. I went to my room and took a nap for a couple of hours. After my nap I went tor a walk on the beach and I got lucky, there was Marva laying on the beach. I walked over to them and said to Marva "Hi stranger."

She sat up, took off her sunglasses and put her hand up to her eyes to shade them from the sun to get a better look at me. "Trevor?"

"Yea, it's me."

"What are you doing here?"

"I do modeling,off and on and I'm here on a shoot. Mind if I sit down"

She moved some of her things to make room for me on her towel "Sure, have a seat. I'm just surprised to see you here."

She gave me a hug when I sat down "I couldn't believe that I saw you here. I was just walking on the beach and here you are. Did a friend come with you?"

"Yes she just went for a walk and she'll be back. It's so good to see you Trevor. Maybe if you're not too busy with your modeling, maybe we can have a workout session while you're here. I'm sure that my friend Ollie would like that too."

"I always like to accommodate lovely women, just let me know when and I'll see what we can work out."

"Do you have any plans for this evening?"

My heart leapt. I felt that she was finally going to bite and go all the way with me "No, what do you have in mind?"

"I was thinking that me, you and Ollie could have dinner at our condo."

This was not my idea of a date with Marva but I figured it would be easier if I met her friend first then she might feel more at ease with me alone. "Sure, what time?"

" Would seven be okay with you?"

"Seven is fine. Did you want me to bring anything?"

"No, just yourself."

"Okay then I will see you at seven."


I left and continued my walk on the beach which eventually turned in to a run. I got back to my room a couple of hours before dinner. I went and took a shower and laid on the bed for a moment. I turned on the television and did some channel surfing while waiting on time to pass. I couldn't find nothing on television so I turned it off. When I turned off the television, the phone rang I looked at my watch it was a quarter to six and I wondered if it was Marva calling to cancel our date. With the luck I've been having with her I wouldn't be surprised.


"Hey babe, what are you doing?"

I recognized the voice on the other line as Juanita "Just laying down resting."

"Feel like company?"

I knew that if I invited Juanita up to my room, I'd never leave and I would mess up my opportunity with Marva "You know babe, that shoot today was hard, I'm going to take a rain-check for this evening I hope that you don't mind."

"Of course not darling, you must get your beauty rest. I want you to look fresh in the morning."

"Thanks Juanita."

"Don't mention it. Maybe tomorrow."


She blew me a kiss through the phone.

I figured that I better get dressed since it was after six and i wanted to take my time and look exceptionally sexy. I figured this would be my last chance to get her where her husband wanted her, in my bed or me in her bed. Before I left I looked in the mirror, I looked good and I hoped that Marva thought so too. I stopped at the gift shop in the lobby of my resort and got a bottle of wine. Marva said not to bring anything but it is rude not to bring anything when you're invited as a guest.

It was a five minute walk to their resort. I took the path to unit 169. I knocked on the door and Marva answered and she looked good.

"Hi I'm glad you made it." She said as she hugged me and ran into the bottle of wine as she was hugging me "You brought a bottle of wine, you shouldn't have, we have plenty."

"Well I think that you should bring something when you're invited to someones house for dinner. I guess it is just a habit."

"You're mama taught you well. Come in and make yourself comfortable. Would you like a glass of wine since this one is cold."

"Yes. Where is your friend?"

"She's still getting dressed she'll be out in a minute. She was sorry that she missed you at the beach."

I looked around the condo "This is very nice. How many bedrooms?"


"Just enough."

"I think so. We also have a lanai and a private jacuzzi."

"Wow, you really have it going on here."

Marva had gone into the kitchen to pour some glasses of wine.

Marva's friend came out into the living room where I was sitting and introduced herself. "Hello, I'm Marva;s friend Ollie and you're?"

"Trevor Jones."

"The model and personal trainer." Ollie said as he eyed me up and down "I can see why Marva has personal training done by you."

"I can arrange a session with you and Marva."

"I don't think so. My schedule is a little too full for personal training."

"Ollie, did you want a glass of wine?" Marva called from the kitchen.

"Yea, pour me some of that wine that we bought earlier at the wine tasting."

"So, Marva tells me that you're here on business."

"Yes, I'm here doing a shoot for Juanita Levine. You've heard of her line of men's wear she's pretty famous."

"I've heard of her, my husband has several of her suits."

Marva had come back into the living room with the drinks. "Dinner will be ready in a few minutes." she announced and went back into the kitchen.

"You know that Marva's a whiz in the kitchen. I can't wait to see what she has made for dinner." Ollie said as she studied me.

"She didn't tell you what was on the menu."

"Nope she said that she wanted to surprise us."

"I'll tell you one thing it smells delicious."

Marva served us dinner out on the lanai. The evening was nice and balmy. The moon was bright and lit the beach, it was beautiful and romantic. I wished that it was just me and Marva, I had fun even though her friend was there with her. We drank all of the wine that they brought at the wine tasting and the bottle that I brought. I was pretty drunk when dinner was over. I could say one thing that Marva is a wonderful cook.

I still didn't see why Harold didn't want Marva. I couldn't figure out who was better than Marva. I could see myself falling for her and not for the money that Harold was paying me. Marva was sexy, for a woman her age to have such a tight body was rare. She was funny and smart. She seemed like the perfect wife. I'd like to see the woman that Harold was seeing on the side.

I called Harold with my report on my progress with Marva. After we talked Harold felt a little better about my progress. I told him I would make a date and see if I could get Marva alone but I wasn't making any promises. After my conversation with Harold i went to take my shower and then the phone rang.


"Hey babe, I called earlier and left a message." Juanita said

"I just got in and I haven't picked up my messages yet, what did yours say."

"Mine said that I was lonely and wanted some company and I was hoping that you were lonely too."

I thought about what she had said and since I was not having sex with Marva, I was entertaining the thought of having Juanita come up to my room. "I don't know Juanita, I'm pretty drunk and I don't know how much fun I'd be and also we have that shoot in the morning."

Juanita purred "Well you know I have rejuvenating powers."

"I know that you do baby, but not tonight, maybe tomorrow."

"Okay, but don't disappoint me."

"You know how I am Juanita, I can't make any promises."

"I know you're like a rolling stone never in one place too long. Well since i can't have you tonight then I'll just have you in my dreams. See ya tomorrow babe." she said when as she hung up the phone.

I placed the receiver on the hook. I went to the bedroom and shed off my clothes and left them where they lay. Normally I would have folded and hung up my clothes but I was just too drunk. I laid across the bed in the nude and caught the warm breeze coming into my room. I turned on the television, channel surfed for a while and then i fell asleep.

I woke up the next morning to the sound of a buzzing alarm clock and a hangover. It had been years since I had one and I had a shoot in an hour. I went in the bathroom, turned on the shower looked in the mirror and saw that my eyes were bloodshot, not good for a photo shoot. I rambled through my shaving bag for my eye drops and after I couldn't find them right away, I dumped the contents on the bed and found them. I immediately flooded my eyes with the drops. I got into the shower and dunked my head under the spray it soothed some of the headache which went with the hangover. I'd take some Tylenol when I got out of the shower.

When I got dressed I was already late but the good part is that I could walk to where we were going to do the shoot. I didn't feel bad about being late because some one else was late also. Doing a photo shoot is a lot of waiting so I had time to figure out how I was going to get Marva alone. I thought about something that I had read in my room. The hotel would provide a moonlight, if no moon then candlelight, dinner on the beach in one of the cabanas. I thought that this would finally get Marva to submit to my advances.

I planed our little rendezvous for tomorrow because there was no shoot for tomorrow. The photographers and Juanita wanted to see what they had on film already. I called and made arrangements for the dinner. Now I had to convince Marva to come.

I called her on her cell phone. It rang a few times and then it went to the answering machine. I left a message for her to call me. She called me back while we had started shooting again and I missed her call but I did reach her when we had another wait time an hour later.


"Hey girl." I said when she answered."

"Hi. How are you?"

"I'm okay but I did have a hangover this morning. What about you?"

"The same."

"What about Ollie, did she have one too?"

"No, she woke up early and went for a walk and to breakfast. I was the lazy one I couldn't get out of bed so I just had the cafe deliver some lunch. I just got through eating."

"How was it, was it as good as last night?"

"Now you know what they say, no cooking compares to home cooking." She laughed.

"You're right about that. You're home cooking is some of the best."

"Thank you. I"m glad you enjoyed it."

"I'd like to have you over for dinner tomorrow night."

"Tomorrow night, I don't know. Ollie might have some plans."

Now it was not in the plan to invite Ollie but it was hard not to because they're friends I had to extend the offer to Ollie also "Well you know she is invited too. We can go riding and see some of the island."

"Trevor, it sounds very inviting and I'd love to go but I have to check with Ollie. Once I check with her I'll call you back."

"Okay." I said disappointed.

"Don't sound so sad Trevor, I didn't say no, I said I would talk to Ollie and see what plans she has. We're here together so it's rude to not include her in our plans." she said trying to cheer me up "I call you back now bye."

Marva hung up and she didn't call back until later in the evening.


"Trevor, this is Marva."

"Marva" I tried not to sound to excited.

"Yes, I'd love to spend the afternoon with you."

"What about Ollie?"

"She's going out with some friends of hers, they're going to Honolulu tomorrow, spend the day and I didn't want to go."

"Why not?"

"Every time I come to Hawaii, I go there since I always go there I wanted to stay here and see this island and I think that you'd make a wonderful tour guide."

I was wondering if this was real that Marva was going to be alone with me. I started having the feeling even though she had agreed to go out with me it would not work out as planned. I shook my head to get the negative thoughts out. Marva said "Are you still there?"

"Yes, I'm here."

"I thought that the call might have dropped. You didn't give me a time for when we were going to meet"

"About two."

"Okay, see you then."

After she hung up, i was still amazed that she would agree to go out with me. This was it, the moment that I've been waiting on the conquest of Marva Shorter.

The Conquest of Marva Shorter

The next morning i woke up and the day was just as beautiful as yesterday. The balmy breeze was coming through the open lanai door. I got up started brewing the coffee, called room service for breakfast and started the shower running. I stayed in the shower until the warm water went cold. I dried off my hair and my upper body and wrapped the towel around my body. I could smell the coffee as soon as I stepped out of the shower. I got a cup and sat down on the bed facing the open door. I took a long sip of my coffee. There was a knock at my door, I guessed it was room service with breakfast.

"Just a minute." I answered as I was going to get the robe out of the bathroom.

I got my robe and went to answer the door when I noticed Juanita standing there with the room service cart and a white robe similar to mine "What are you doing, Juanita?"

"I'm bringing you breakfast. I know that you're not going to turn me away. You know I had to pay the room service guy twenty-five dollars for the privilege of serving you breakfast, now where do you want it."

Juanita pushed past me with the cart and her robe half open where I could get a good view of what else she had on the menu "I guess there's no stopping you is there."

"I guess not." She said as she let the robe fall open more.

"I hope there's enough food for two on that cart."

She said with a sexy purr and a smile "I think what is on the cart is sufficient."

I shut the door and had breakfast with Juanita. After breakfast prepared for lunch and dinner with Marva.

I had a little difficulty getting rid of Juanita. She wanted to lay in bed with me all day and I needed to go and take care of business. What made her go was one of the photographers found something wrong with one of the pictures that Juanita liked and wanted her opinion. When Juanita left it was noon. I was going to meet Marva at two.

I took another shower more hurried to wash the scent of Juanita off of me. I was supposed to be exclusive to Marva. It was difficult to be exclusive to a woman who is not meeting your needs. I haven't had sex in weeks since I took this job. This job was a challenge because Marva was not willing to be seduced. She was the hardest conquest I've ever had. I was up to the challenge.

I was ready by one thirty when the limo got to my hotel. I thought that I would surprise Marva by taking her around the island in style. I called Marva and told her that I would be at her unit in fifteen minutes. I went up to get Marva. When she answered the door she looked good.

"Hey Marva you look like a million." I said as I kissed her on the cheek.

"So do you Trevor." She said as she kissed me on my cheek "So what is on the agenda for today?'

"I thought that we might take a limo ride around the island and do so sightseeing."

"That sounds nice but isn't that a little pricey?"

"I have know the owner of the company and he gave me a discount."

"Well it's good to have friends."

I held her hand as we walked out to get into the limo, I held the door open so she could get in. After I got in then the driver closed the door. After we got comfortable I asked "Would you like a glass of champagne?"

"Yes, I'd think that I would like that. I've never had champagne while riding in a limo. The only time I've been in a limo is when someone has died."

"You shouldn't have to wait until someone dies to ride in a limo. You should treat yourself sometimes."

Marva laughed "Yea right." she looked out of the window to watch the scenery go by. I handed her the glass and she said "Where's the caviar to go with it. Isn't that what you're suppose to have when going on limo rides?"

I laughed "If you like I can arrange to get some while we're out."

"I think that some potato chips or popcorn will do."

I looked in the mini bar that was next to the refrigerator and found some potato chips and popcorn. I held both up and asked "Which one do you want?"

"I'm a popcorn type of girl." she replied with a giggle.

I handed her the bag of popcorn.

"Travis, modeling must pay very well for you to be able to afford all of this."

"It's a living."

"Some living." Marva said as she settled back in the seat, crossed her legs, sipped her champagne and watched the beautiful island scenery through the window of the limo.

Along our journey, I would point out the popular tourist sights. When we were at the halfway point in our sightseeing tour, we stopped at a roadside stand that I knew, i t was a popular spot for good food and it had an ocean view. 

"Why are we stopping?" Marva asked as we pulled into the parking lot.

"I thought you might be hungry, so we'll stop here and have a late lunch.  You'll love the view from here."

"You must have read my mind."

We had the establishment special two chili hot dogs and a coke. When we go back in the limo, Marva said "That was one of the best chili dogs I've ever tasted. The view was wonderful.  I like how they had the table close to the edge of the bluff."

"I'm glad that you liked it. Wait until you see what is on the dinner menu."

"You've planned dinner?"

"Of course. No afternoon of sightseeing around Maui would be complete with out dinner."

We got to my hotel when the sun was about to set which was perfect timing for what I had planned. I rented one of the beach side cabanas and arranged to have dinner by sunset.

"We got here just in time for sunset." Marva said as she took my hand and got out of the limo. "I hear that your hotel has a wonderful ocean view restaurant."

"It does but we're not going to eat there. I have something better than a crowded restaurant."

Marva hesitated and said "We're not going up to your room are we?"

"No, I hadn't had that in mind but if you want to we can have dinner there. I have a nice oceanfront room with a lanai."

"No. I would rather see your surprise."

I continued holding her hand leading her out to the beach area where I had dinner set up. When we got to the beach area Ron the cabana attendant was waiting.

"How are you this evening Mr. Jones."

"I am fine and you Ron."

"Very well. I hope that you and your lady friend will enjoy your evening." Ron said as he opened the cabana for us to go in. After we were inside, he opened the side of the cabana which faces the ocean.

Marva gasped "This is beautiful, Trevor. The sun which was beginning to set had turned the water into gold and she was staring in amazement  That's beautiful how the sun makes the water look like gold is floating on top of the it."

"Are you too amazed to eat." I laughed

"No, never to anything to eat. What's on the menu."

"I thought that we would start with some tossed green salad, then move to the main course of roasted sirloin topped with a mushroom cream sauce with carrots and rice pilaf. For dessert, we'll have triple chocolate moose."

"Dinner sounds decadent."

"All I want is for you to enjoy it."

We ate and laughed all evening. After dinner we were on the chaise lounge watching the remains of the sunset drinking wine. I was stroking her hand waiting for my opportunity to make my move. Marva should be receptive of my advances because we had been drinking all afternoon. I've found that women are more easily seduced after a couple of rounds of drinks.

I leaned over and kissed Marva softly on her lips. They were soft and inviting. I pressed a little harder until were engaged in a deeper kiss. I felt her body relax as I was laying her down on the chaise lounge. Her breathing became more rapid as we kissed. I felt as if she were ready.

I began to remove the sheer blouse that was covering her tank top when she placed her hand on my chest and said "I can't."

I stopped "Why?"

"I don't know. I thought that I could but I can't." she said as she was pulling her blouse up over her shoulders. "I know that my husband is cheating on me and I want to do the same to him but I can't. I'm sorry Trevor. Nothing against you because you are handsome and I am attracted to you... but I have to go."

I grabbed her hand as she was trying to unzip the opening to the cabana "Marva wait. I can't let you go back to your place by yourself, it's dark."

She was able to get the zipper open and stared walking toward the beach walk that leads to her condo "Don't worry, my place is just next door."

"No, I'm walking you to your place. I won't feel right unless I know that you're safely at your condo." I said walking quickly to catch up with her.

We took the short walk in silence. When we got to her door, she slipped her door card into the slot and watched the light turn from red to green then opened the door. She turned to me and said "I enjoyed myself today, Trevor. If this was another time I would have been glad to accompany you to your room but I can't because I still love my husband."

After she said that she took my face in her hand and ran her fingers through my dreads and gave me the most passionate kiss. Even more passionate than when we were in the cabana.After that breathtaking kiss she said "I'll never forget our time in Maui." then she went inside and closed the door.

I stood outside for a moment savoring the kiss that took my breath away. i blew a kiss to the door and I said to the door "Mrs. Marva Shorter I will never forget our time in Maui." I knew after she shut the door I'd never see Marva Shorter again.

Even though the plan to seduce Marva didn't quite work as planned, I called Juanita so the evening wouldn't be a total loss. I knew she would be willing to keep me company for the rest of the evening and for the rest of the night.

Back in L.A.

I had been home for two weeks, Harold was blowing up my cell phone and I was avoiding his phone calls. I knew that I would have to talk to him sooner or later about my difficulty seducing Marva. There is one thing I know is that when someone is in love it is hard to get them out of love and Marva was definitely in love with Harold. It's too bad that Harold couldn't see that.

One day Roland called me and wanted me to come to lunch. I went and met Roland at his office for lunch. After lunch we sat in his office talking about how things were going with Marva.

"How is it going with the project that Harold had you working on?"

"I was unable to complete that. It was harder than what I thought it would be."

"So that was one female who you couldn't conquer."

"Well you know one thing. You can't seduce anyone who doesn't want to be."

"Well I guess you are right."

"What about the money?"

"No refund. When a hit man is called to do a hit and the person who is hit lives there's no refund." I said shaking my head.

Then I saw a beauty pass by Roland's office window. she was a silhouette which was distorted by the blinds which covered the window. Then we heard a knock at the door. Roland told the person at the door to come in.

Then I saw a beautiful vision who stuck her head in the door. "Roland, I'm going to lunch."

"Ok, Majestic. Did you give Naomi the reports?"

"Yes, she said that she would send you an e-mail."

"Ok, see you later."

When she closed the door I asked Roland "Who is that?"

"That's my assistant Majestic."

"Did you just hire her?"

"No she's been here about six months."

"Why have you never introduced me to her as many times as I have been here for lunch and met you after work for basketball." I said while getting up to watch  her through a slit in the blinds.

"I guess because she was out to lunch or she had left to go home already. Don't get any ideas, I don't pay her enough to afford your prices."

"As beautiful as she is, I"ll pay her."

"Another reason not to mess with that chic is that your employer Harold is seeing her."

"She's the one that Harold wants to drop Marva for? I could see why Harold wanted to divorce Marva, Majestic was absolutely beautiful."

Majestic reminded me of a younger version of Marva and she probably reminded Harold of Marva's younger days also. I didn't care that Harold was seeing her I was already formulating a plan to take her away from Harold  "Roland man I'm going to see you later."

"Why are you leaving all of a sudden?" Roland asked.

"Got some things to do."

I was heading out the door when Roland said "Leave Majestic alone, Trevor."

I just smiled and closed the door. Just because I had lunch with Roland earlier, there's no reason why I couldn't have a second one with Majestic. I could see Majestic's cubical from Roland's office, she was on the phone. I walked closer and could hear part of her conversation. It sounded like she was breaking up with someone. I stood close to where she was sitting so she couldn't see me and waited for her to get off the phone before I made my move.

I walked over to her desk and said "Hi, I heard you tell Roland that you're on your way to lunch, would you like some company?"

Majestic looked me up and down licked her lips and smiled. "I could use some company. My name is Majestic."

"Majestic it is nice to meet you and my name is Trevor Jones."

"Trevor Jones, that's a nice name. You seen harmless enough. Where were you thinking about having lunch?"

"I know a nice place just a bit down the road, good food and an ocean view. Sound good?" I smiled.

"I only have an hour for lunch."

"Well if we take longer I will call Roland and he'll be accommodating. Would you like to ride with me or would you like to follow me."

"I'll follow you, since I have to come back to work."

Majestic and me had lunch at my favorite restaurant which was not far from Roland's office. I also wanted to take her there just in case we ran into Harold. I figured from her phone conversation that who she was breaking up with. I didn't mention it during lunch. Majestic would tell me about her breakup with Harold in time.

After this first date, Majestic and me were together almost all the time. We had a lot in common. We both liked all kinds of music, we read a lot, and loved to travel. My first two weeks with Majestic were heaven. It was the third week when everything happened.

Harold caught up with me. He saw me and Majestic having lunch in the cafe downstairs in the building where Majestic worked. We don't usually have lunch there because Majestic was afraid that Harold would catch us and cause a scene. We had lunch there that day because she had a lot of work to do and Roland was on her to get it done.

We were sitting outside, it was too nice a day to be couped up inside. Majestic and me were just sitting at the table when Harold comes to the table outraged "What's going on Majestic? Is he why you haven't been returning my phone calls?"

"Harold don't do this." Majestic said nervously."You know that it is over between us."

"Do you know this man, do you know what he's all about?" Harold screamed.

"Harold, our business is our business don't bring her into it." I said calmly trying to get him not to start a fight with Majestic "You don't really want her to know what you've been up to, do you?"

"I don't think that I have as much to worry about than you do." Harold said

Majestic looked at her watch "I've got to go. My lunch break is over. Call me later, Trevor." then she hurried away from the table leaving me and Harold alone.

"She's gone, you might as well have a seat."

Harold plopped down defeated in the seat that Majestic just left "So you couldn't seduce my wife, like I paid you to do but you could seduce my girlfriend?"

"No Harold, I couldn't seduce your wife and I didn't seduce your girlfriend. Majestic and me have a different kind of relationship than I have with other women. The reason why I couldn't seduce Marva is because she is in love with you."

Harold put his head down on his chest and just stared at the concrete. "What am I going to do?"

"Let me make a suggestion, forget about Majestic and go home to Marva. Marva is a good woman."

"I guess."

I tried to make Harold see that the grass wasn't greener on the other side. "Marva has been with you for over twenty years, that's along time. She loves you and I'm sure that you love her. All you have in common with Majestic is sex. Go home and make up with Marva."

"What about the money?"

"What about it. A hit man doesn't give back the money because the person he hits doesn't die. It just wasn't time for that person to die. Marva was not ready to give you up so I couldn't seduce her."  I changed the subject " You know that Marva knew that you were having an affair."

Harold looked surprised "She knew?"

"Yes, she said she didn't have any proof but she knew. Even though she knew that you were having an affair she went back to you anyway. So forget about Majestic and go home to Marva."

Harold sat for a minute and then without saying a word he left. That was the last me and Majestic would see or hear form Harold Shorter again.


When I came back from Maui there was no change in Harold. He was still distant. No matter what I did I couldn't make him happy. Nothing I did at home or at the job was right as far as Harold was concerned. I was beginning to wish that I did have an affair with Trevor. I found his phone number in my workout suit. I looked at the number and dialed it but I ended the call before I could push the send button.

I was at my wits end on what I could do to get our marriage back to the way that it was. I even went to the pastor of our church to get some advice on what I should do. He said to bring him in for counseling but Harold wouldn't go along with that.

I hadn't been to work since I came back from Maui. I couldn't stand to be at work with Harold and he didn't mind. For the first couple of days I would ask if he needed me at the office and he said that him, Rhea and Lois could handle anything that came up. Since I wasn't going to work, I started going to the gym but that only lasted for the first three days then I started staying in bed. I was depressed.

I was so depressed I had stopped cooking and eating. Harold didn't notice he just went and would fix us a frozen dinner which I wouldn't eat half of it. Harold never asked me what was wrong he'd just leave me alone. He was already working late and sending me home early before I went to Maui, which made it easier to see his girlfriend.

I was a week in to my depression when Ollie called. When the phone would ring I'd let the voice mail answer because it would be a telemarketer and those were the people who I didn't want to hear from. This time when the phone rang I answered it "Hello, Shorter residence."

"Marva, what are you doing at home?" Ollie asked.

"Girlfriend, I haven't been to work since we came back from Maui."


"I don't feel like looking at Harold all day long while I know that he is cheating on me. I am depressed and being in the office all day long with Harold would makeit worse."

"Have you went to get help?"

"I talked to the pastor and he said that we should come down for counseling; I told Harold, he wouldn't hear of it."

"Well girl you have to do something. You can't sit around the house all day upset about what your husband is doing. Maybe you should give Trevor a call might help. What's good for the goose is good for the gander they say."

"I don't think because Harold is doing wrong doesn't mean that I have to do the same."

"It might make you feel better."

"I don't think so or else I would have continued with Trevor."

"Well why don't I come over and we'll have lunch, get you out of the house."

"I don't know Ollie, I'm just not in the mood."

"I''m coming over so get dressed."

I knew there's no arguing with Ollie "Ok, you're not going to stop bothering me until I agree."

"You're right. See you soon."

Ollie and I went out to lunch and we talked. Lunch with Ollie was the first good meal and laugh I've had since we went to Maui. When I came home later that evening, Harold was waiting for me which was a surprise.

"Where have you been, I've been waiting for you for over an hour."

"Ollie and I had lunch and we did some shopping."

"Oh, I called several times on the house phone and on your cell."

"Well the cell phone goes down to the bottom of my purse and I didn't hear it."

"I've got a surprise for you. Close your eyes and take my hand." Harold said as he took my hand and led me into the dining room. "Ok open your eyes."

When I opened my eyes, on the dining room table there was a vase of long stemmed red, yellow and orange roses, my favorites "Harold, they're beautiful!" I exclaimed as I threw my arms around his neck and kissed him on both cheeks.

"I thought I would get you something that might make you happy the way that you've been mopeing around the house lately." he said as he hugged me and kissed me back "I realize that I have been neglecting you and I want to make it up to you. I know that a bunch of flowers is not much but I hope that it is a start."

I wondered what made Harold made a sudden change from the verge of neglecting me to showering me with gifts. This was his way of making things up to me without admitting that he was having an affair.I was going to accept the peace offering without question.

"I think that we should go somewhere together and talk, you know, away from the house, a different atmosphere." Harold suggested. "I've made arrangements at this bed and breakfast inn that one of the clients recommended.

"I have to pack and get my things together. It will take me some time to get ready." I said excited that my husband wanted to be alone with me.

Harold laughed "Take your time we have all night."

I ran up the stairs to pack I was so happy. I felt as if I had won not only the battle but the war.

The ride was short to the bed and breakfast and we talked all the way there. I didn't ask if Harold had an affair and right now I didn't care. I was just glad that we were together. We pledged during our little get away that we would talk about things that were bothering us and not keep it bottled up. Neither one of us wanted to throw away a perfectly good marriage.

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San Diego DJ 7 years ago from San Diego

I love your style of writing. Keep it up!

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