Trust In Me

It's hard for me to talk to you

at times you seem so far away

plus you never seat still long

enough, to learn what it is that

I would have you do, I know it's

hard for you to see what I intend

for you to be, but trust in me and

the plan I have for you I will light

the path which will lead the way to

your brighter day, just never give

up or never give in, also know

whatever you put in is what will come out, when I stretch

out my hands to you stretch yours back out to me, don’t stop

shooting for the star someday you will get pass the moon

if only you believe it in your heart, I find no fault in the things

you do I was made just to love and forgive you, for I was once

young need I remind you, life is no fairy tale this I promise you

but if you trust in me, I will make all your dreams come true

lean not on your own understanding, and place all trust in me

you will never stand alone this you will see, within my heart you

will always have a home, never give up just because things are

tough, you will win just know that the race you run is not won

by the weak or faint of heart who say I give up, it is won by the

strong who say I must I will push on, with you if you lead the way

through thick or thin I have always been there showing plus proving

just who I am, in addition to how much I really care, even when you

turned your back and refused to believe in me I never stopped

believing in you, all I asked of you is to trust in me to see you through

also to stand firm on my word, I hear your cry plus plea for the pain to

end, but this heartache is all part of my plain to help you understand

that I am your father, and I know all about your needs but I must first

see if you’re willing to put your trust in me.

Copyright © 2010 ~ the prolific penman

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daisyf1305 profile image

daisyf1305 6 years ago from miami beach

tell me who this was meant for please? I have an idea but the poet holds the mystery. nice job!!!

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