Until We Meet Again

I have to let you go

this I know but it

hurts to know I

could have done

better I know it’s

too late for should

haves or could haves

your gone now I seat

here alone if the chance should come by again, for us to be together I would

surly make the sacrifice, just for your happiness because inside your smile I

found happiness, that is only known to anyone who has never been truly in

love these days seems like months and months feels like years, yet I love

you still, every once in a while my smile turns into tears, I weep for

you as and the love I lost with each passing day, I grow stronger without

you only because there is place in my soul, where your love still stirs me up

and that can never be taken away, this alone gives me the strength to face

another day, plus love, laugh and enjoy life like it is my last day here on this

earth, all because it was you that I first taught me how to love not only you

but to also how to have love for myself, so I wish you nothing  but happiness

in life and peach wherever you go, but I tell you this one thing I never knew

letting go, would make me so strong this poem is not a goodbye but just

a so long until we meet again.

Copyright © 2010 ~ the prolific penman

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