unwell mind

-I'm Gonna Kill Someone-

He is stupid little fellow, he has no sense at all, he has no understanding, he has no fxxkin balls.

I'm gonna kill someone, this world it has turned weak, Fxxck the plain and simple, noone cares about the meek.

Death it is deserving, some folks they need to die, they need to be sent back to thee who resides in the sky.

I'm gonna kill someone, respect is all I ask, you show me respect, and I give you respect back.

I'm gonna kill some one, he needs not share our air, he is a waste of human life, and need not to be here.

Death is much deserving, to the malice mind, to lay a hand upon my skin, is to surrender ones time.

I'm gonna kill someone, I'll make it a surprise, I'll drink his Fxxckin blood after I skull fxxck both his eyes, with an ice pick.

I will show no hesitation, my mind is clearly made, I'm gonna kill someone, I will show him eternal shade.

He will die real slowly, I will show him pain, I'm gonna kill somebody, I need to watch him die, I need to hear the gurgle, after he begs me for his life, and cry's.

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PenMePretty 5 years ago

Unwell Mind, indeed!

writer20 profile image

writer20 5 years ago from Southern Nevada

Totally sick mind for sure

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