ur secret admirer

Your secret admirer!

your smile ...your touch

make me love you that much

"you take the pain i feel

waking up for you never felt so real"

with your pure words you bring me to life

even though i  hide my love in disguise

i love you always saying it's gonna be alright

with your eyes in mine shining so bright

you're my savior

from darkness and murder

Always there when i fall

to pick me up n hear ma call

You turn treacherous hell to heaven

Always present when am broken

Am i under a spell?

For I swear i can't tell

no need for a reminder

for i am Your secret admirer !!

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C. C. Riter 7 years ago

nice job, unique; thanks

Uriel profile image

Uriel 7 years ago from Lebanon Author

thanks for dropping by :D anytime:D

uche_n2a profile image

uche_n2a 5 years ago from UK

Splendid. Spectacular. Love it definitely.

Uriel profile image

Uriel 5 years ago from Lebanon Author

uche_n2a , thank you so much for the support :D:D and for your comment :D:D

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