The Night

Fangs sink into bare skin, Wooden stakes turn monsters into dust. Those two events highlight my favorite type of story, the vampire story, I believe everyone can write an evil vampire character, but it takes work to break the mold and write the good vampire character. The good vampires have their own unique set of struggles. They constantly struggle with the urge to drink human blood. The vampire parasite within these good vampires want them to do evil acts like committing murder.

I discover two authors, P.N. Elrod and J.R Rain, who write about good vampires that battle evil vampires, and the vampire within them. Inside P.N. Elrod's ,The Vampire Files, Jack Fleming during his investigations as an investigative journalist finds and kills evil vampires. Samantha Moon a private-eye and mother appears in Vampire for Hire, which is written by J.R Rain. Neither Jack and Samantha drink human blood. They drink animal blood.

They are many vampire books on the bookshelf. My mind scans the shelves for the perfect vampire novel to sink my teeth into. My set of eyes are looking for the vampire novelist, who will remove me from this world, into a fantasy world full of intrigue.


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