waiting in the shadows


Love rekindled unrealized
I wait patiently for the word 
not wanting to rush you
not wanting to let it go
pacing I am watching from sidelenes
resting and  waiting in the shadows

Giving you the freedom and space
letting you know  I am nearby
telling you all is well with me
wanting us to express our love
finally and ultimately I ponder it
calmly I watch  from the sidelines
patiently waiting in the shadows

Showing little sign of concern
sharing with you my fears
letting you to show caring for friends
hiding anxiety with a smile and laugh
carefully I hint gaze from the sidelines

Allowing you time apart from me
accepting your early nights away
not pushing  nor begging you
for a display of sincere love
quietly I sit watching from the sidelines
I am here waiting in the shadows  


          Dance called life

Tears like drops of rain fall down my face
as for the love of my life i race
laughter abd joy like echoes of the past
flow past me  at a high speed pace
Males and females we return again to be
returning to us on a future day
To the light of life you lead the way
as time passes fleetingly for some
I see you pass me as does this time of life
letting us recall things  meant to be
happier times and sad exchanges are there
in this stately dance called life

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ankigarg87 6 years ago

i like your lines on Tears

CheyenneAutumn profile image

CheyenneAutumn 6 years ago

Nice Wulf - these two take me to many places in my mind. Thanks for sharing these. See ya again soon.

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