What is a Noun?

A noun is a naming word, it is the name of a person, animal, place, thing or feeling. All names are nouns. In other words a noun is a word used to name a person, a place or thing.

Nouns can be singular, one or plural more than one. Nouns have different ways of changing to the plural form.

How many nouns can you name in the pictures above?  Write your answers in the comment box below.... Have fun .....
How many nouns can you name in the pictures above? Write your answers in the comment box below.... Have fun .....

Types of Nouns

Nouns can be divided into four groups or types.

1. Common Nouns - are names common to all people or things of the same kind. They do not begin with a capital letters.

Examples : woman, boy, month, tree, cat, girl, river, table

2. Proper Nouns - names a particular person, place or thing. They always begin with a capital letter.

Examples : Saturday, Jason, Australia, London, Maria, St. Peter

3. Collective Nouns - These are the names given to group of people or things. They do not begin with capital letters.

Examples : team, pack, group, crowd, audience, family

4. Abstract Nouns - name feelings and ideas. These are the names given to things we cannot actually see or touch - usually a quality, idea, state or condition. We can see the result but not the thing that is named.

Examples: pain, freedom, joy, sorrow, beauty, wealth, honesty, kindness

Gender of Nouns

There are four gender of nouns:

1. Feminine - are nouns representing female.

Examples: girl, aunt, sister, mare, lady, madam, wife princess

2. Masculine - are nouns representing male.

Examples: boy, uncle, brother, stallion, sir, husband, prince

3. Common - are nouns that are either female or male.

Examples : children, cousin, child, baby, parent, teacher

4. Neuter - are nouns for inanimate objects.

Examples: bottle, tree, road, grass, umbrella, house

Here are 2 Youtube video clips about nouns, a fun way to learn more about nouns through songs. I am sure you will enjoy this video clip.

Noun Song

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I also heard that there are nouns called nominalizations. They are process verbs frozen in time. An example would be relate and relationship like in the sentences:

My sister and I have a great relationship. My sister and I relate to each other very well.

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