When My Mind Dares

I cant light the candle
Resting in my heart,
Seldom does my mind dare
To summon her name,
Candle illuminates
My heart palpitates,
If i don't tranquil
Wax melts to hurt me to burn me,
I still have that candle
Resting in the seat of my life,
And seldom seldom it gleams
When my mind dares.

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maven101 profile image

maven101 2 years ago from Northern Arizona

Evocative phrasing...Suggest using creative adjectives to express a more poetic painting...Read Keats, Byron, and Kipling to get a better feel and understanding of the English language in poetry...I admire your determination and continued maturity tackling English as a 2nd language...I still struggle with Latin after years of study...

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