Why can't I be loved by whom I love?

I ask that question everyday

Ever since I met that love

I've been crying everyday

First it was because I couldn't tell you how I really felt

Then it was because you didn't want to give me one chance

And now it's because I realize that I have to let you go

I've loved so many

But none love me back

Now I feel stupid

Because of that

I realized one thing

To just let go

Because tomorrow

I'll feel just like home

You made me think you were the one

But soon you were on the run

I figuered, why follow you

When I could follow the truth.

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Bug Mee profile image

Bug Mee 8 years ago from Great Midwest


Patience Virtue profile image

Patience Virtue 8 years ago from All Over

It's wonderful how some people can take heartache and turn it into something beautiful like this. Thank you!

khadilkarprakash profile image

khadilkarprakash 8 years ago from India

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