wicked games

play your game

you're playing with fire

my level of existence

undeniably much higher

you love

you lose

a part of me

inside you

similarly so

what you will never ever


i will forget you rather quick

get on with the flow

you live

you learn

this time

it's my turn

no longer you're my weakness

never again will i yearn

i'd rather be alone

than be played

for a fool

i'm putting myself first

never again someone's tool

since you can't understand

my complex thinking

my diligent ways

the depth of my being

i really should thank you

for doing this to me

you've turned me cold

the next man

he will grieve

no need to accept

the thanks i send

i'm keeping it to myself

a silent revenge

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Frank Atanacio profile image

Frank Atanacio 3 years ago from Shelton

hath no fury... I love this little wicked gathering of words!

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