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Maslow Self Actualization Model

Maslow's Basic Principles:

  1. The normal personality is characterized by unity, integration, consistency, and coherence. Organization is the natural state, and disorganization is pathological.
  2. The organism can be analyzed by differentiating its parts, but no part can be studied in isolation. The whole functions according to laws that cannot be found in the parts.
  3. The organism has one sovereign drive, that of self-actualization. People strive continuously to realize their inherent potential by whatever avenues are open to them.
  4. The influence of the external environment on normal development is minimal. The organism's potential, if allowed to unfold by an appropriate environment, will produce a healthy, integrated personality.
  5. The comprehensive study of one person is more useful than the extensive investigation, in many people, of an isolated psychological function.
  6. The salvation of the human being is not to be found in either behaviorism or in psychoanalysis, (which deals with only the darker, meaner half of the individual). We must deal with the questions of value, individuality, consciousness, purpose, ethics and the higher reaches of human nature.
  7. Man is basically good not evil.
  8. Psychopathology generally results from the denial, frustration or twisting of our essential nature.
  9. Therapy of any sort, is a means of restoring a person to the path of self-actualization and development along the lines dictated by their inner nature.
  10. When the four basic needs have been satisfied, the growth need or self-actualization need arises: A new discontent and restlessness will develop unless the individual is doing what he individually is fitted for. A musician must make music, an artist must paint, a poet must write--in short, what people can be they must be.

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Particle Mind Harmony

I implore you, gods,

you lesser ones,

you makers of this human lunacy

that lacks symmetry, balance and harmony

what is this life of the self for, this individuality?

Why is there this human gauntlet

that we beings as self and spirit must traverse as lowly wanders?

When will this choir, your human invention of self, composed of body mind and soul, ever sing in harmonic verse with singularity?

When will humanity become unlike play ground children fighting for attention and control of their droll parents that let their off-spring be taught less than antiquated rubbish that is of little use for perfecting their souls; you see, the paramount reason for being is the conditioning of one's soul, the pilot of the self?

How will this meager humanity survive your sirens illusions of confusion; which they have not the intelligence to overcome, because of their preoccupation with the words and world of the flesh and the fears of its subconscious?

They think that this life is for their attention and control, that it be cajoled into conforming to their childish whims for their games; like king of the hill, dungeons and dragons, and keeping up with the Jones, for their pleasure and none other...They play life like a slot machine, on chance, without logic or concern for their soul's condition and ability...

What a selfish lot of imbeciles, this leadership of fools bent on their own destruction, these humans have proven themselves to be herd animals of burden focused on petty issues of selfish pride without foresight of their own spirit needs to manage the energy of their potential...

The course, journey and way to harmony is a troublesome path for these confused people as human minds and bodies of chaos, the way is full of your sirens' strange noises that spook the inexperienced traveler never mind the timid whiners and loud brutes, they all fall victim to the waves of apathy, where their souls are devoured by the flesh of their ego's demented dimension, for their scale of thought is diminished to ions of negativity, which subsequently cast them haphazardly upon the rocks of circumstance where their competition captors, the usury groups of organized greed strip their souls of its dignity and so goes the pilot's righteous behavior and its chance to join the All in harmony...

For, now, most of them tolerate this self imposed hell, as the battle ever wages on, in every heart, the negative allusions of their precarious flesh stain the souls of this humanity as it tries to evolve away from its old self-ancestry to be the better soul it may be; Until then the body's mind ego fabricates its lies to pilot the clone, as to what it is and what it is doing, to placate its negative, selfish, conscience with the half-truths its subconscious supplies from its predecessor's lineage of negative genealogy composed of exclusive selfish and evil doings. You see the polarity of self is an arbitrary affair, it's the balance and equity that formulizes singularity, be it negative evil or positive civility... This is the energy battle waged in the heavens of the spirit universe... You see humans are their pawns at this point, until humans are able to grasp the game concept of supreme singularity and choose the polarity they reflect as their will... As of now its like the usury found in representative systems of the negative sovereignty that abuse the rights of their people by giving them less than the equity and freedom of inclusive, selfless civility...

How can humanity control its passions lust without a selfless soul, to guide its path, pulling it along a steady course, for the body's meager mind's ability can handle no more than to imitate the habitual responses ingrained by its subconscious fears, as history forever will repeat the same turbulent journey without a selfless soul to pilot it safely through the reefs of life's distractions to the shoals of abundance?

I say this as an expression of the physical mood that persist to be ever present, as a foreboding apprehension of some impending doom... Soon shall it engulf the heavens, to extract its worth from the cluster of motley souls, that serves its purpose or lack there of...

The fact that all is not right with this chaotic world, composed of sour notes and ditty tunes, that lead the weary wanderer to the early grave of discontent at the tempter's money store, where the allusion for dreams of actual wealth, worth and value of selfless bliss is vanquished ever more by the pathetic delusional self serving illusions of the usury worms that propagate the futile turbulence of the greed found in negative usury...

For the moment, space and time, spins and leaps to the syncopated beat of their selfish human nature pulling it this way and that, for it is an incomplete and unbalanced affair; as it's subconscious awaits with bated anxious breath and heavy somber soul pondering its existence fate as the flesh scampers ever so gaily absorbed in its delusion of importance not reckoning its stewardship responsibility for the earth cosmos entrusted to its care...

The tune of human behavior sounds its many variegated patterns of concern for lesser issues than least of which is its absolute survival; the health of its soul, which is not the matter of its current interest and concern for weapons, power and domination are its preoccupation.

Its far too busy gorging its ego with the pleasures of the flesh before its reign is dethroned and all frivolous fantasy is cast against the rocks of eternity...

How astute is it for humanity to be so complacent of the omniscient metaphorical tune, the universe provides;

that which the All has composed to show the synchronicity of the grand agreement and symmetry for harmony,

the musical notes, and the stanza on which rest every song composed, where hangs ones lyrics to exclaim ones worth for the infinity of eternity as it unfolds the pages of the future roles we play in the saga of existence, as beings of self, evolving from the particles of the All...


Think a minute to imagine the story to fit the clues, a wandering humanity without the sense to know its condition; but able to sense its feeling, its passions and a measure of awareness... As time goes on it seems to get closer to a discovery, some become more attuned to the frequency of a higher order of thought implicating the evolution of the soul to a singularity of competency where the measure is a vision of perfection for the All of existence; not a single soul, but the All...

What a rhetorical farce, the tune, the hypocrites of life sing so religiously that lacks the harmony of simplicity expressed by consciousness as existence and universe...

"How complicated is it to understand, that, we must be one humanity in singularity, as the universe from which we evolved, as creation to evolve again and again to the greatest perfection the All wishes of infinity? Here is where creation is destined whether humanity wishes to be it or not; as it has been said, "to be or not to be", it be the question. Humanity clearly has difficulty understanding the magnitude of this statement."

All the selfish forces of humanity play the fool for the sirens of the lesser gods that rule their hollow souls

by placating their passions lust, with the figments of their imagination's delusion,

that there is anything but one source to their confusion;
their hollow empty soul,

fore they let its worth be stolen by their selfish illusion the sirens trance has placed on their hypnotized souls...

Sing your song oh, humanity, for it is yours to create;

few sing the melody that satisfies the selfless soul,

most sing the one that pleasures their egos lust and passion for manipulation and advantage of your fellow beings,

as they travel the gauntlet course out of control...

What is the harmony of your self composition?

Does it ring of somber notes, 
will it continue to strain your heart and soul?

Might it raise inspiration and invention
or may it remain a ditty for commercial convention,
alone without a worthwhile soul, a pilot lost in the dense fog of confusion?

Oh, tell me lyricist of the soul, how is it you fashion your desires tune that fills the minds and bodies of your human clones?

Is it of your construct alone, or is it they that lack a composition and orchestration of their discordant sounds emitted by each unschooled voice that creates this haphazard melody of chaotic verse with no rhyme or reason for its course?

I ask you this for decision; so to tell the people of the morrow this message from heaven's throne, the voice of the Absolute Will:

What lets this drama thunder roll from your instruments of destruction diminished none by the tinny refrain from human souls in resistance to the blaring senseless noise of their selfish ego's composition?

in the year of Our Lord 2010


loua profile image

loua 6 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

Maggie, good to hear from you... Your music perspective meets the measure of the harmonic intent of the piece...

Its very noticeable when music is out of sync; but invariably without fail some seek and tolerate the noise of discordant beats to swallow their fear or misunderstanding of harmonic motion and its balance...

Great to hear from you...

Maggie-May profile image

Maggie-May 6 years ago from the Island of Cape Breton to the Eastern Shores near Halifax, NS

I just posted music in my latest Hub,..How ironic!

The first video, although the melody was kind of catchy, the words were,..well, let's just say, half-way through, and after getting over the shock, I found myself laughing so much at thinking for one, these guys on the video are crazy, and two, whomever thought it worthy to video-tape/produce/publish are crazier..But, as your hubs' underly-ing lessons suggest we've bought into this shit, and conitnue to allow it, for the greater part desires it...Scary when thinking and knowing that songs are written from the heart. I know this firsthand from my own experience.

The second video, well, that was just amazing, in sync, in harmony--truly harmonious!!!

And, The third video, very safe and calming..Reading on,..I really like your deep selfless thoughts and words, and most importantly thanks for sharing them!

loua profile image

loua 6 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

msorensson, Welcome again, pleased to have your interest; but I have to debate your contention... I first will agree with you that Chaos is a perfection; but of the negative effect as it is the antithesis of the positive effect of ordered emotions... Emotions in disarray are very precarious and dangerous powers... I will also agree with some wish to be negative; and here is where I challenge the senses with the reckoning of these powers to balance their effect on the human condition...

Given the following equations of rhetoric being that - order = logic rule; and chaos = illogic rule, I have to say the illogical notion of existence does not appeal to me; and I venture to say that anyone cognizant of the meaning of the word would agree illogical rules are not conducive to a pragmatic survival...

Maybe there is some connotation that may be applied to the word chaos that I do not comprehend; but give the straight forward definition of the word; chaos is a negative emotion that precipitates disorder and disfunction of every system it apprehends...



police were called in to quell the chaos disorder, disarray, disorganization, confusion, mayhem, bedlam, pandemonium, havoc, turmoil, tumult, commotion, disruption, upheaval, uproar, maelstrom; muddle, mess, shambles, free-for-all; anarchy, lawlessness, entropy; informal hullabaloo, hoopla, all hell broken loose. antonym order.

I fail to see your point ; please explain...

Thank you always for participating in these discussions...

msorensson profile image

msorensson 6 years ago

But there is perfection in this seeming chaos, loua. Not everyone wants to awaken. We honor their will.

loua profile image

loua 6 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

Putz Ballard, Glad to have you visit and recognize the depth of the notions presented, I have hope that more will come to grapple with this the greatest dilemma; thanks for the patronage, its thoroughly appreciated...

Putz Ballard profile image

Putz Ballard 6 years ago

Now this is deep, great writing skills.

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