You was hating me that was good

You was hating me
that was good
why you change your mind
i am a bad boy
have nothing good for you!

That was the day
when i was calling you
you was doing good
by hating......

Now you are coming to my life
and nervousness is eating me.

Today i asked to you
and you come to me
without thinking
you step into the dark
because only i am calling!

I am a liar
Do not trust me
if i looted you that day
what's going to happen!

Why you are so cute,
why you are so innocent,
don't understand anything
any one can prey you
may be i am one of them!

Motti And Bander
Motti And Bander | Source

I love you more than me but i know i don't deserve you. How much you are doing for me i can not do the same for you because i am so selfish. How will i can give you my all. Because i have nothing. How i will make you happy because i have no reason to smile.

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