Moving Process for a Long Distance Move

There is something exciting about moving far from home and a cross-country move can be made easier if you use a professional moving company. Whether you sign a full service contract with which the movers pack all or part of your belongings, there are some aspects of your move that can be a challenge if not done correctly.

To begin with you will want to choose the moving company with care. Winston Salem movers can offer tips on how to choose the right company and the benefits of using their full service. They will also explain their role if you choose to do some of the packing on your own. One thing to keep in mind, when you have a moving company visit and walk through your home is be sure to point out what items are not going to be moved to ensure an accurate estimate.

If you choose to pack your belongings on your own you will likely still be able to obtain quality packing materials and boxes from the moving company. Professional Winston Salem movers will also be able to provide tips on how to pack to ensure your belongings arrive without damage.

Prior to moving day you will want to remember that the drive to your new home may take more than one day and if you’re planning an overnight stay or two you will want your daily essentials packed with you for convenience. Remember, that what you pack on the moving truck will not be accessible until the truck is unloaded at your new home. You will need to keep all items you are going to pack with you away from everything else to ensure they don’t end up on the truck.

On moving day the company driver will provide you with an inventory of your belongings on the truck, along with any other paperwork pertinent to your move. Be sure to check any documents carefully before signing them and ask questions about anything you don’t understand. Prior to the truck pulling out you will be given an estimated time of delivery and you will need to arrange to be there when the truck gets there.

One thing to keep in mind when the truck is being loaded; professionals will have a certain method of loading the truck. If you or your friends are helping to load the truck, the driver will direct the order in which the items will be loaded. Trying to get ahead of the one directing the loading will not speed up the process. In fact, it could slow things down if you have too many things in the way when the truck is being loaded.

On the day the truck arrives you will need to be at the new location to help direct where everything goes. In many instances the moving company will set up bed frames and unpack mattresses so they will need to know where they go.

If you are late getting to your new location you may be charged extra while the moving company has to wait for you. Be certain to go over your inventory list after the truck is unpacked and note anything that is missing or damaged on the list prior to signing the delivery forms.

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