Self Storage to the Rescue

If you are getting ready to start on a home-improvement project and wish there was some place to store some things while you work, then a self storage facility may be just the thing you need. For example, you’re going to paint the inside of your home and knowing the work will go much faster if the room you are painting is void of content, you decide to move everything into another room. Instead of two rooms of furniture you now have one room stuffed with furniture making it difficult to get around.

When you’re done with the first room you move everything there, which will give you enough free space to paint the second room, but when you come to the third room, it gets a little dicey. You can put the first and second rooms back in place and move the third room worth of furniture into one or both rooms, but you have spent a lot of time and energy moving your stuff around. The job is done, but in addition to all of the physical labor, you had the opportunity to damage your items from being moved so often or worse, you scuffed up your newly-painted rooms.

Instead of playing mover for several days or maybe even weeks, storing many items in a self storage facility will clear out the rooms to be painted without you having to move them several times in the process. Move them out to the facility and move them back to your home when the project is completed. No damage to the walls and a lot less physical exercise.

Self-storage units can also be useful in many other situations such as when a child is in college or you’re planning to move to another location. Temporarily placing your items in storage can be like adding a room to your house without the construction and the cost.

Say you have a child away at school and you had to rent a truck or drive your own to deliver their furniture and other belongings to the school. You get the call one day that since the semester is ending they have to move out of the dorm and you will need to go back and move everything back home, only to do it all again when the next semester begins. Instead of all that moving you can find a local self storage facility in which to store their items until the next semester begins.

Of course you will have to help but the facility near their school will be less of a drive and you won’t be upending your household with their belongings bouncing in and out of the home. You will want to ensure the facility is secure and the child only puts things in storage they won’t need while on break so you don’t have to go back over the break to retrieve a few things.

Moving can be exciting or exasperating, depending on how it’s organized and using s self-storage unit for a few things you won’t need right away can help you organize your new place without creating additional frustration. Just pack what you’re not going to need immediately into a secure storage unit and take it out after the rest of your new home is settled.

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