5 Cute Coffee Mugs

I love my morning coffee as much as the next gal. Yet, if I have a cute coffee mug to sip from, the experience gets a little jazzier and I get an added bit of pep in my step. Let's face it, women of all ages love cute things. And, why should coffee mugs be the exception? Ladies, put down those boring, run-of-the-mill coffee mugs that came with your dinnerware sets. Change them out for cute coffee mugs – there are plenty to choose from. Getting out of bed in morning will be just a tad more exciting – promise. Below, I've included 5 cute coffee mugs that will plaster a grin on your face in the A.M.


1. Terramoto Ceramic Polka Dots Soup Mug – 16-ounce

The Terramoto Ceramic Polka Dots Soup mug set offers four 16-oz coffee mugs. The cute coffee mug sets contains a polka dot pattern and is available in lime green with white polka dots, or red with white polka dots. Though it has been coined as a “soup mug” set, they can certainly be used as everyday coffee mugs. Personally, these oversized coffee mugs tend to remind me of the television series 'Friends' when Chandler, Pheobe, Joey, Ross, Rachel and Monica would sip coffee from their large, yet cute, coffee mugs at the Central Perk coffee house.

2. Ladybug Ceramic Coffee Cappuccino Mug

If you're looking for cute coffee mugs, you may just have hit the jackpot! The undeniably feminine Ceramic Coffee Cappuccino Mug is a hand-painted mug with raised ladybug details. The cute coffee mug can hold 8-oz of coffee. The cup is sold singly, rather than as part of a set. And, is packaged in pretty gift packaging. By purchasing the ladybug mug, you're treating yourself to a truly unique coffee mug, as it has been hand-crafted and hand-painted. Therefore limited quantities are sold. 

3. Bormioli Rocco Cappuccino Cup with Steel Saucer

The Bormioli Rocco is a sophisticated coffee mug. Rather than featuring patterns or cute sayings, the designer has allowed the beauty of the simplicity and shape of this mug to speak for itself. A steel saucer is included, which also lends a modern touch to the appeal of the coffee mug. The see through design is reminiscent of the drinks which are served in fine coffee houses across Europe and America. The Bormioli Rocco Cappuccino Cup with saucer is sold in a set of two (2 mugs, 2 saucers). Therefore, you and a loved one can simultaneously sip in style.

4. SYNC Simple Leaf Espresso Cup and Wood Coaster

The Simple Leaf Esresso Cup, which has been created by SYNC designs, offers a contemporary design. The Esspresso cup features a design of simple leaves outlined with blue and yellow/green colors. The design appears to be stamped. The design isn't very busy, but is quite contemporary and naturalistic. The mug both dishwasher and microwave safe and measures 2.5 inches in height. Aside from the cute design, one of the most interesting features of the SYNC Simple Leaf Espresso Cup is that it is paired with a wooden coaster. Like the espresso cup, the coaster also features the stamp leaf design. 

5. Le Souk Ceramique Latter/Soup Mug

If you're hoping for a unique, affordable and cute coffee mug set, look no further than the Sabrine Design by Le Souk Ceramique. Because each mug is hand thrown and hand painted without tracing or using a template, no two mugs are the same. Though most handmade merchandise is often quite expensive, Le Souk Ceramique provides an affordable price point that can compete with big box store lines. The designs almost appear to be Moroccan inspired. A set of four is included in the purchase price, the latte bowls (which are large coffee mugs) measure 5-inches and is considered dishwasher and microwave safe.

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melodyandes 5 years ago

I want to have them all. Nice hub!

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