10 Elegant Benches That Will Make Your Backyard Shine

One of my latest hubs was about diy benches. It's cool and wise to build a bench yourself - it saves money and many of us enjoy it.

But let's be frank, most of us aren't sculptors. Most benches that we make ourselves are a bit rough although we like them.

On the other hand the professional builders can do real wonders. I have collected 10 really elegant and beautiful benches for you to have a look at. Don't worry, I'm not trying to sell you anything. If you feel confident you can build one of these yourself, you are most welcome to use the idea and to try.

1. Small Bench With Metal Ornaments


This bench has a small back and might not be the most comfortable for sitting. But it looks so elegant and lovely. Imagine several of these aranged on a patio with small fountain.

2. Nice Concrete Bench


Who said concrete was rough? When shaped and designed well, a concrete bench can look no worse than the finesh wrought iron bench.

3. Backless Bench From Steel and Wood


Speaking about wrought iron, it makes great combination with wood. See this backless bench - maybe it's going to fit well your garden.

4. Modular and Indoor


This one isn't exactly for your garden because it's indoor, but I think it's worth looking for. Similar idea can be applied to wooden bench without leader cover.

5. Wrought Iron Bench


Of course when we talk about elegance for benches, entirely iron benches win. Just look at this one.

6. Beautiful Ironworks Bench


Let's go back to beautiful combinations. Iron and concrete, why not? This bench is good only when the weather is hot of course.

7. Georgeous Glasswork


Concrete works great also with glasswork. This bench is real art and will look great in your garden but only if the rest of the garden can match the bench design.

8. Ceramic Bench From Spain


This bench takes beauty to the extreme - lovely ceramic tiles make it into a real work of art. The downside is that it's not very comfortable.

And again, you can't just place this bench anywere. The rest of your garden furniture should be work of art too.

9. Oak Tree Bench


This one is also work of art, but it's less pretentios. When the bench is made of wood, it fits well with all kind of other outdoor furniture.

10. Kung Fu Bench


This one is really nice if you like exotic furniture. I guess in most part of the world you'll have to build it yourself though, as it's not the typical bench you'd find at the store.

Bonus Track


OK, I confess the bench itself isn't the most special thing here... But the book looks so interesting ;)

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sarclair 5 years ago

I like the glasswork. Nice hub.

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