10 Simple Fixes to Get Your Home Sold

The real estate market has been gaining momentum, and North Carolina is attracting many potential buyers. While interest rates remain low, sellers still have an advantage in the market with all the people looking to buy at such low rates. In order to compete in such a market, your home should be sale-ready, but this doesn’t have to mean that you spend thousands of dollars on upgrades. The cost of moving can escalate rapidly, especially if you are planning to professional moving company to help with the move. There are many ways to get your home sold fast that don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg, and the quicker you are able to get your home sold the better the move will be for you. A Winston Salem moving company offers these simple tips to maximize your resale potential.

  • Paint a neutral color. Palettes that are bold, especially if they have darker colors, will not appeal to all buyers, and may make buyers only think about the work it will take to repaint. Making this change allows them to see their own vision for these house, leaving them a blank canvas to work with.
  • Refinish cabinets. A fresh coat of either paint or stain will hide any wear and tear that your cabinetry incurred, and gives the kitchen a newly-remodeled look.
  • Clean the carpet. Hire a professional carpet cleaner if necessary or rent an industrial strength machine and do it yourself. While many might think this is obvious, it is often surprising how many sellers attempt to market a home with dirty carpets.
  • Maintain the lawn. Cut the grass, edge the sidewalks and driveways, and trim the bushes. This costs essentially nothing, but curb appeal is the first impression buyers will have.
  • Replace the air filters. Dust and debris get hung up in air filters, and not only minimize the efficiency of the air conditioning but also affect air quality. Change these out for a fresh feel to the home.

  • Replace door knobs and hardware. Repeated use causes corrosion on drawer pulls, cabinet handles, and doorknobs. Stick some shiny new ones on and see how clean this makes the place look.
  • Stage to show potential. No matter how you may have used that third bedroom, set it up to seem like a flex space. Show that it can be an office or a bedroom by putting a few pieces of furniture in there. Stick a recliner and some bookshelves in there before people come to view the home, and don’t let it seem cluttered.
  • Furnish along the walls. Even if you like the way your home is set up for your use, moving furniture to be along the walls will create the illusion of more space and will help buyers visualize how they intend to furnish the place.
  • Minimize clutter. Over time, we tend to accumulate all kinds of stuff, trinkets, knick knacks and items without function we just like the way they look. If at all possible, try to eliminate this stuff before showing the home. Move any unneeded furniture and boxes in advance. You may even consider renting a storage facility short term just to have a place to get things out of the way. This, too, is all about the appearance of open space.
  • Install new shower fixtures. For less than $50, you can put in a brand new showerhead that will catch the eye of buyers. This is especially important in the master bathroom. Everything you can do to make your house feel universally “homey” to any potential buyer is a great step. Whenever you are replacing things in your home presale, try to pick neutral, universal items that will appeal to a broad range of tastes, even if they aren’t your favorite design element.

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