10 Things to Consider When Buying Granite Countertops

Because countertops are a prominent feature of your kitchen, it’s important to choose your granite countertops with care. Don’t rush to buy, take your time in checking out all the colors and patterns available. This is a long term investment and you want to enjoy it for just as long. Consider the following tips before buying and you cannot go wrong.

High Quality Granite Countertop
High Quality Granite Countertop
Round Edge
Round Edge
Beveled Edge
Beveled Edge
Bullnose Edge
Bullnose Edge
  • Quality. Granite offers elegance and durability. High-quality granite countertops are 1 inch thick and manually polished. If you’re keen on buying granite, then make no compromise and choose the best you can afford. You cannot overspend on a granite countertop.
  • Edges. You can choose your edges. The three most common types of edges manufacturers of countertops generally let you choose from are beveled, rounded, and bullnose. A quality fabricator may have more options for you to select from so ask and get an edge to suit the style and detail of your cabinets.
  • Maintenance. It doesn’t get easier than cleaning granite as it requires so little maintenance. It’s best to blot up spills immediately as a preventative and as simple as a soft cloth and water. You can consult with your stone provider on any special stone cleaners they recommended and then clean your countertops when they need it.
  • Thickness. You can put hot cookware on your granite countertop without damaging it. Note though that if the granite is thin, ¾ inch or less, it’s more likely to suffer a thermal shock when you put a hot dish on it, and crack. Also, a thick slab of granite is less likely to break when you drop items on it.

  • Sealing. Granite countertops that are not well sealed absorb moisture in time, and this can damage their surface. For your countertop to last and maintain its current beauty, it’s important to seal it well from the beginning.
  • Setting. Granite countertops shouldn’t be glued with epoxy or any other similar strong glue because they are already heavy and stay in place. According to a granite countertop fabricator in Roanoke, silicone is what professional providers tend to use.
  • Polish. Not all providers manually polish the edges. Manual polish makes the edges smoother and more beautiful, but it adds to the price. When you buy granite countertops it’s good to ask the manufacturer about the polish. If he tells you that the edges are waxed, think twice before buying. High-quality countertops tend to be polished on the bottom of the edges as well.
  • Seams. The best seams are smooth, narrow, and flat. They have exactly the same color as the countertop and are fixed with a glue that resists water and that lasts. Overt seams are a sign of poor quality.
  • Sinks. It takes skill and experience to mount a sink to granite, which is why you should always leave it to experts. Well-fixed sinks tend to be glued from below to the granite counter with silicone.
  • Support. Before remodeling your kitchen it’s best to choose the countertop before the support, because some varieties of granite require a stronger support than others. The fabricator or seller of the countertops should be able to help you find the perfect support.

Keep these tips in mind before buying granite countertops and you will make an informed purchase you won’t regret.

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