12 Volt LED Lights and Good Reasons to Use

12 Volt LED Lights for Home Use

LED lights are becoming more popular as consumers move away from the toxic CFL bulbs. The cool LED bulbs do not use mercury like CFLs, and turn on instantly. The 12 Volt LEDs are some of the most popular because they can be used in so many ways in the home. They are an ideal choice for Christmas trees because they remain cool to the touch.

First, what does LED mean?

LED means light-emitting diode and is a semiconductor light source. The semiconductor converts electricity to light by using the movement of electrons.

But are they energy efficient?

Yes, the12 volt LED lights are energy efficient lasting up to 100,000 hours compared to only 1,000 hours for incandescent and 8,000 hours for fluorescent. LED bulbs are also directional, meaning they will provide light where aimed.

What about that "cool white" color?

LED lights were originally available in that "cool white" color and were best suited for the outdoors. Now "warm white" is available and similar to lighting from the more common incandescent lighting used indoors. Warm white is more complementary to skin tones, wood tones and most foods. 12 Volt bulbs are very popular with 24 Volt bulbs gaining in popularity.

Why are they good used on Christmas trees?

The 12 Volt LED lights used in rope form provide cool to the touch lighting for Christmas trees.They are also easy to find in the traditional stringed bulb form. Semiconductor technology radiates light without heat like in the usual Christmas lights. They come in white, red, blue, green and amber.

What are some of the common indoor fixtures?

There are wall mounted LED lights, ceiling lights - including recessed, courtesy lights and LED reading lights. They also come in rope light form, tape strips, and flex light.

Where else are they often used?

1 - Cabinets - In the kitchen, 12 volt LED lighting is used for under the kitchen cabinets to provide task lighting. LED lighting can be custom-fit to match the dimensions of cabinets. LED lighting can also used inside the cabinets and also custom-fit to match the inner dimensions of the cabinet. They will illuminate every corner within a cabinet making it easy to find your stored items.

2 - For Picture and Display Lighting - LEDs use semiconductor technology which radiates light without heat. As an added benefit - this also makes the bulbs last longer than fluorescent and halogen. You can also dim the 12 volt LED lights to get the desired display effect.

3 - Bookcase Lighting - As strip lighting, 12 volt LEDs provide an even distribution of light that is unobtrusive. Variable spacing provides an evenly saturated light output. Different types of LED bulbs are now designed to produce more light and cover wider angles. 

4 - Task Lighting -  For desks, and other work areas, LEDs create a comfortable amount of light and helps avoid eyestrain, while outputting 5X as much light as standard festoon lighting.

5 - Mood Lifting - LEDs have the additional benefit of lifting your mood in winter due to its white light. White light from LED mixes well with ordinary lights in the home and in the workplace.

Note: LEDs are not only used in the home but also in a variety of vehicle applications as well as in aircraft and boating applications.

See links below for more energy efficient ideas:

LED Bulb Types

push-in light
push-in light
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flex strips
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BkCreative profile image

BkCreative 6 years ago from Brooklyn, New York City

I do like the fact that they are so cool. I bought Christmas lights - and it never occurred to me how hot the traditional lights get - and no doubt dry out the tree. Whew!

Glad to hear about LED warm lights too - and will look for these. I have always refused to jump on the ridiculous CFL bandwagon - mercury? We do not need that - ever!

Good information. Rated up and thanks a lot!

CountryCityWoman profile image

CountryCityWoman 6 years ago from From New York City to North Carolina

I finally bought LED lights for Christmas and they do remain nice and cool. I'm glad you mentioned that there is warm white because I don't like the cool white. This makes all the difference. And glad we have enough sense to get away from those toxic CFLs.

Rated up!

Veronica Allen profile image

Veronica Allen 6 years ago from Georgia

I am going to definitely look for this...especially for mood lifting since I suffer from seasonal depression. I will look for these tommorrow. Thank you for the information.

The Pink Panther profile image

The Pink Panther 6 years ago from Sydney, Australia

LEDs are a great producer of light - and they last for years! And the colours they come in are pretty spectacular too.

Awesome hub!

LED Landscape Lighting 6 years ago

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solarpathlights 5 years ago

The led lights are useful

Globe String Lights 5 years ago

these are useful about

12 Volt LED Lights and Good Reasons to Use

thank you!

profile image

Chelsealedlights 5 years ago from Shenzhen China

Led lights are eco-friendly,and energy-saving.

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