12 Rodent Extermination Tips

Every year, rodents cause great damage to property and food stores across the US. Rodents may also transmit disease, posing a severe risk to public health. Rodent-borne infections can be spread directly to humans via bite wounds or consumption of contaminated food. Before trying any rodent exterminator service, it is recommended you try these rodents' exterminations tips;

>>>> Rodents will keep on increasing as long as there is adequate food items supply in the house. If the living condition is comfortable rodents chances of multiplying increases too.

>>>> The most significant approach in managing these annoying pests is to eradicating food supply and comfortable thriving place.

>>>> Rodents like to infest food stores or other stored vegetables. Grains are the main food supply for these nuisance pests. Keep food stuffs in tightly sealed containers, so as to prevent rodents accessing them. Rodents will starve to death due to lack of food or go somewhere else in search of food.

>>>> Ensure that you cover any food left in the countertop area. It is recommended that you keep food above the ground level.

>>>> Make sure you cover all entry points. You need to seal holes, cracks and crevices within the house to block their entry. Examine the sump pumps outlets and if necessary, use sturdy wire mesh or a fitting lid over them.

>>>> Keep indoors clean always. Sanitation is very essential when controlling pests. Make sure you frequently clean the kitchen countertop, refrigerators or below gas burners. Use an effective detergent for cleaning the kitchen floor.

>>>> Keeping the outdoor clean, particularly the close boundaries of your house, is also effective for pest control. Follow this tip closely if you have squirrels in your attic. Cover trash bins using tight lids. Keep shrubs and tree branches short by pruning regularly. Avoid piling up vegetation or stacking firewood in the ground close to your house.

>>>> Employ rodent traps around your house. If you come across any holes in the garden, fill them with soil and check whether they will be opened again. Use home-based mouse traps near the holes and in the corners of your house.

>>>> Check the traps every day to check for any trapped rodents. Make sure you use gloves to remove any rodent trapped inside.

>>>> There exist so many gadgets in the market designed for controlling pests. You may have heard about ultrasound or electronic pest control techniques. Such gadgets utilize ultra-high frequency sound waves to eradicate all kinds of household and garden pests, for instance, mosquitoes, birds, or rodents.

>>>> Use rodenticides to kill rodents. Make sure to use rodenticides sold with tamper resilient bait to protect children, and pets. Spray around the edges and corners of your house. This is because there may be gaps that serve as rodents hiding areas.

>>>> Reseal your basement to ensure it is not leaking or accumulating moisture. Applying a sealant can prevent rodents from entering your house and resulting in major structural damage.

Controlling rodents is a complex task for most homeowners. Thus, it is wise to prevent their entry inside the house, rather than dealing eliminating them or applying pesticides after infestation. In case you find it very troublesome to control rodents inside your home, its better you consult a qualified rodent exterminator service provider.


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