25 Decorating Tips for 2011

25 Decorating Tips for 2011

Our goal is to stay one step ahead of the trends in decoration. With the entry of the new year, here are our tips for decorating in 2011. It will be a year of color, patterns and inspiration.

  • Use original patterns in your house and use them frequently. The patterns are the solution to poor environments. Use patterns to enliven and invigorate your space.
  • Mix patterns and colors. The combination will create unique and original design's. The generic hotel environments are very exceeded.
  • Mix different patterns and textures. Combine as many as you wish keeping in mind that the trick is the size variation. Patterns of animals and geometric shapes are considered neutral in relation to striped and floral patterns.
  • Use wallpaper. If you have never used wallpaper, this year is the time to start.
  • Use rugs with patterns. Try a rug with floral patterns in your living room. Will see that the atmosphere of your room will look more modern and fresh.

  • Use bronze. It is a metal that is very fashionable this year. Be polite, hammered or old, this metal will be terrific as part of your home decor.
  • Use gold. It is another metal that is back in fashion this year.
  • Use multiple layers. The spaces that appear to have evolved over the years are more fashionable than the spaces created and decorated at the moment.
  • Buy vintage items. Opt for old objects such as lamps, mirrors and decorative pieces for your home decor. The aim is to appear that the elements of your house were acquired over time rather than having been bought all at the same time at a large mall.
  • Use platina. Specially aged objects.
  • Mix and match collectibles. They don't need to be all the same size or color. Simply have to be purchased with love.
  • Use old armchairs. Get rid of your desk chairs and dining chairs and consider buying antiques in second hand stores.
  • Recycle. 2011 is the year of recycling, reuse and transformation.

  • Think Pink. It's probably the color of the year.
  • Be creative and bold with your color choices.
  • Use color seedlings. They are deep and strong colors such as burgundy or olive green.
  • Use travertine. This limestone rock was very popular in 80 years and this year is back. It is very beautiful and is a renewable material.
  • Use tiles with geometric shapes in the original decor of your home. Hexagonal tiles, or trapezoids with stylized floral patterns.
  • Spend your budget in original lamps. It may seem a big investment but the final look of a room can be greatly improved with a beautiful lamp.
  • Use colored lampshades. Replace your white shade for a colorful and preferably with a garish color.

  • Garnish with the lighting. A lamp is not just a practical subject. A light source can be integrated in the decoration and function as a very important decorative element.
  • Store with style. The grooming is very important and boxes, drawers and cabinets can serve a dual purpose today. Some well-decorated boxes may serve not only to straighten objects but also decorate a room.
  • Reflect your personality. Let your home be a reflection of your personality, tastes and inspirations. Let your decorating show where you have traveled, your hobbies, your interests and values.
  • Quantity does not mean quality. Buy only what has meaning for you.
  • Set your decorating goals. Be unique and decorate your home with inspiration and patience.

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