3 Ways to Organize your Closet

1. A coat closet that was not necessary.

In this project, a small closet on the entrance of the house that should be used for storing coats, hats and other items was no longer used by the inhabitants. As the house was missing a private office space, it was only start the work and make the project.

  • Take advantage of vertical space. Removed the bar that served to hang the coats but the top shelves were maintained. With a bit of plywood was made ​​a tabletop to the computer. A little white paint and it is good to go.
  • Decorate at your taste. In this case, a little wallpaper with floral pattern was the choice. As space is small, can afford the luxury to get a wallpaper of better quality.
  • More storage space. Some hooks on the sidewall, below the desk, will allow storing rolls of paper, fix the cables from the computer and hang some items out of sight.

2. An abandoned closet for towels and sheets.

The cabinet was near the living room and was not suitable for storing towels and bed linen. The owner decided to turn it into a bar.

  • Reorganize the shelves. The shelves were removed and it was painted with a neutral color. To a normal height for a counter, and another near the top. It has also added support for bottles of wine and another to lift cups.
  • Created the illusion of more space. Added a mirror to the bottom of the cabinet and the side walls. The mirror was cut to size and glued with adhesive foam.
  • Keeping the less pleasing objects out of sight. Behind a cloth hung on a tension bar, is a trash bin, a cart for recycling and some soda cans. Also installed a set of drawers for storing utensils and other accessories.
  • Add lighting. As it would be very expensive to install the electrical system in the closet, the people chose the light cells. These lights are fairly cheap, as the lighting of the bar is not always necessary, they last a long time.

3. A bedroom closet used as an office that was not functiona

The closet was originally used as office space but soon people came to the conclusion that the space was not functional. So they decided to make it a place where they could store their large collection of books.

  • Maximize the space. The curtain that hid the space was removed and with the help of a carpenter, were removed all shelves. Then, new shelves were made ​​of plywood strong enough to withstand the weight of the books.
  • Choice of color. As the space is very deep, was chosen dark blue for the shelves. Thus, the books stand out and the space does not seem so dark and gloomy.
  • Use multi-function furniture. The small wooden ladder used to reach the higher shelves, folds up and can be used as a chair.
  • More lighting. Some office lamps made ​​of nickel were modified and posted on the top shelf to create an effect from library shelves.
  • Decorate to your taste. Some personal touches like the vase and some blue boxes break the long rows of books and make the space more enjoyable.

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