4 Burner Stove

4 Burner Stove

The 4 Burner Stove is undoubtedly the stove model found in most homes today, with the decoration and design of kitchen coming up, manufacturers have sought innovation in 4 burner stove models.

The 4 burner stoves are very practical and look good on every kitchen, some run on electricity some on gas, choose the type that suites you better, if you choose one that runs on electricity, you may face a problem some day when there is no current, it happens some times, and when it happen you may need to order food or go to a restaurant to have a meal.

In this Hub i will make a small review on some of the available models on the market.

Electrolux Celebrate 56SEQ 4 Burner Stove

This model of Electrolux 4 burner stove comes in a stainless steel table more sturdy, ergonomic, safe, easy to use and view. The table also has a panel with embossed artwork that lasts forever. The table has no hurricane, this speeds up the cleaning and prevents accumulation of dirt.

The second set of burners is stronger and tougher, giving more power in the cooking of food. The burners are sealed and thus hamper the accumulation of dirt. The oven door in glass makes cleaning and prevents the concentration of dirt.

Removable buttons are easy to clean, may be removed and cleaned separately. This 4 burner stove has a security system that locks the valve preventing gas leaks.
Ignition with quick automatic lighting, easy and secure. Just turn the knob and press the firing.

Self-cleaning oven that burns the fat droplets in the furnace wall.
Rugged aluminum handle oven temperatures, lasts longer, is ergonomic and safe.
The oven door is removable and can be removed entirely, helping in a more thorough cleaning of the 4 burners cooker.
Internal glass is also removable and can be easily removed for cleaning.
Double shelves in the oven with the right height to cook food.

Dako Luna 4 Burner Stove

The Dako Luna 4 Burner Stove has a glass oven door with panoramic fixed grid positions and secured with two stainless steel table superimposed.

The self-cleaning 4 burner stoves oven is coated with special enamel porcelain, and the combination of texture and oxidizing agents enamel assist the dissipation of fat while the oven is working.

Table grills are removable and has a modern design providing adequate support and drive the four pots on the stove burners and the burners are removable, were developed for safety and better use of heat.

Eletrolux Speciale Embedding 4 Burner Stove

The Eletrolux Speciale Embedding 4 Burner Stove is very easy to clean, automatic ignition lights the burners with a single button. The Electrolux 4 Burner Stove also has an electric grill that gilds and broil food.

Esmaltec 4 Burner Stove

This cooker has an electric grill with a timer that makes sound, that is great for grilling and browning foods, adding a special touch in your recipe. The timer automatically turns off the grill and warns you when the programmed time expires. It also has a greenhouse with handle, full automatic firing, light in oven and full glass on the oven door. The Esmaltec 4 Burner Stove has burners of style enamelled Gourmet that are in steel and aluminum forgings that are modern and sturdy.

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