8 Reasons to Invest in a Memory Foam Mattress

Millions of people are discovering the benefits of memory foam mattresses in place of older, more traditional type spring mattresses. When you sleep well, you function well-at home, at work, at sports, and at everything. When you don't sleep well, you can be achy, tired, and cranky; have difficulty concentrating; and you won't perform your best no matter what you're doing. Memory foam mattresses promise a better quality of sleep than other mattresses, leading to a better way of life!

A modern classic: a high-density memory foam mattress
A modern classic: a high-density memory foam mattress

Memory foam mattresses are constructed of a high-density foam material that molds to each person's individual body-regardless of its weight or shape. This foam is created from polyurethane and other chemicals and contains visco-elastic layers. First created by NASA in the 1970's, the foam used in these mattresses today was originally designed to alleviate pressure on an astronaut's pressure points while traveling in outer space, especially during take off and landing. It was used when making the astronauts' seats. But since that time medical professionals have discovered additional therapeutic benefits to the substance, and as a result, memory foam mattresses were developed from the material. Memory foam is also still used by hospitals and physicians.

There are several benefits to sleeping on a memory foam mattress.

1. Your body weight is more evenly distributed, alleviating pressure from joints or pressure points on the body. This can help with joint pain, headaches, hip pain, back pain, and other aches and pains, as well as bad knees and arthritis. It also helps align the neck and spine properly-keeping the body in proper orthopedic posture and alignment-which also helps ease headaches, back pain, and other painful problems. Further, it can help prevent numbness and poor circulation, as well.

2. You won't get lots of motion if you share a bed with a partner when you have a memory foam mattress, because this material absorbs movement. The visco-elastic qualities help eliminate vibration. So you won't be disturbed if your partner rolls over or is feeling unsettled one evening-or even if your partner gets in and out of bed multiple times during the night.

3. Memory foam actually responds to your body temperature to soften the mattress at your body's pressure points. When your body is sore or injured, it gives off heat in the injured areas. With a memory foam mattress, the mattress then softens more in those particular areas.

Some modern memory foam beds and toppers feature channels that allow excess heat to escape for a more comfortable sleep.
Some modern memory foam beds and toppers feature channels that allow excess heat to escape for a more comfortable sleep.

4. Memory foam holds heat nicely which means you can keep sleeping temperatures in your home lower at night without feeling cold. This is a great bonus with energy prices on the rise. You'll use less energy and save money, too.

5. Memory foam creates an environment that is not conducive to holding humidity or breeding dust mites or bed bugs. This makes them ideal for anyone with allergies or respiratory problems. Memory foam mattresses are actually hypoallergenic.

6. Foam mattresses don't have any kind of springs like traditional mattresses. This means there is nothing to poke through and irritate you over time-or to wear out quickly. And foam mattresses will last longer than a spring mattress.

7. You don't need to flip or rotate a memory foam mattress like you do a spring mattress. So it's easier to care for. This might seem like a little thing, but it is a nice bonus.

8. Last-but certainly not least-a memory foam mattress is incredibly comfortable! It does a body good to sink into that thick foam at the end of a long day and just completely relax. And there's no way to quantify how important that can be. Everyone wants to enjoy a good night's sleep!

The highest quality memory foam mattress will have a 5 lb. density, be thick enough to contour to your body well, and will have firmer foam beneath the top layer of 5 lb. foam. This type of mattress tends to be a bit more expensive, but you'll get a much better night's sleep! So be sure to compare foam mattresses when you're shopping and look at the different ratings on each to be sure you're getting the highest quality foam mattress possible.

In lieu of a complete memory foam mattress, some people opt to purchase a memory foam mattress topper to try out the benefits of sleeping on memory foam before investing in a new mattress. This is a great way to get familiar with sleeping on memory foam. Another benefit of the mattress toppers is that they're machine washable, too!

About the only negative you'll encounter when purchasing a memory foam mattress or mattress topper is that they do tend to have a sort of chemical odor for a short period of time. The smell will go away as you use it, but it is there initially. Still, if that's the only negative, it's a small price to pay for getting a better night's sleep, more good quality rest, and less pain on muscles, joints, and pressure points from this kind of mattress!

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Whams 7 years ago

Good hub. There well worth it considering how long they last, however I think anyone looking to buy one should just shell out the extra bucks for a high quality one, the cheap ones you can get at say wal mart just aren't worth it.

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