9 Reasons to Buy a Granite Countertop For Your Bathroom

9 Reasons to Buy a Granite Countertop For Your Bathroom

Granite countertops tend to be more costly than other kinds of countertops. But you get what you pay for, and granite is worth the extra cost. Outside of adding value to your home, here are nine reasons why bathroom countertops made from granite are a great long-term investment for your home.

  • Shimmering beauty. Trapped in the slab of granite that will become your new countertop are crystals of quarts, feldspar, and mica that give it a shiny look, especially after the manufacturer has hand-polished it. Few other natural stones can match granite in beauty.
  • Hard to scratch. Some manufacturers of granite countertops in Winston Salem will tell you that granite is nearly impossible to scratch. It’s true. Compared to marble, for example, granite is much tougher. You still want to clean it often though, to maintain the shine of the surface, and be careful of spilling lotions and oily products.
  • Durable. Granite is hard to damage. Even when you accidentally drop a bottle of lotion, or worse, a hair dryer, it tends to take the impact well, especially if it’s cut to 1 inch thick, which is much harder to crack than the thinner ¾ inch countertops. In the worst scenarios a scratch or a chip will occur, which can be concealed or often repaired. Bad cracks are rare.
  • Stylish. Granite countertops don’t ever go out of fashion, and they work for all types of bathrooms, regardless of their size or color scheme. A granite countertop will withstand countless redecorations and remain the beautiful and shiny centerpiece of your bathroom.
  • Available in many colors. Providers of granite countertops offer a variety of colors, from dark to light, and sometimes tinted as well. Granite occurs naturally in more colors than other types of stone.
  • Resistant to stains and bacteria. When properly sealed, a granite countertop is less vulnerable to bacteria or stains, and can be easily cleaned. It’s important though to let experts install it properly. Also, you should regularly clean it using a water and mild soap solution with a soft cloth and if needed a special stone cleaning substance, but consult with your provider on what they recommend.

  • Easy to install. Although it’s tough and heavy, a granite countertop can be installed in no time by professionals, without requiring any cutting in your home. You don’t have to turn your kitchen upside down to install a new granite countertop.
  • Polished edges. Granite countertops, and especially those that are hand-polished after they are assembled, have smooth polished edges. It’s important though to buy a countertop whose edges are polished rather than waxed, as the wax tends to wear off in time.
  • Catches the eye. Granite’s natural beauty makes it stand out in any bathroom, especially when it is well polished, so that it has a smooth and shiny surface. If you want a bathroom that’s not only useful but also nice to look at, then granite is the best choice for your countertop.

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