99 Tips for Organizing Your Home

99 Tips for Organizing Your Home

Keeping your home organized is easy with this list of 99 tips for organizing your home.

If your dishes are stacked in the dishwasher, if your dirty laundry basket is overflowing, you may need some help organizing your home. Sometimes, even simple tasks are left out simply for lack of time or energy. The trick is to maintain some balance in the organization of your home so you never feel sunk into tasks and disorganization.

The house

1. Change the bulbs to low power models throughout the house.

2. Test your carbon monoxide detectors and change batteries if necessary.

3. Test your fire alarms and change batteries if necessary.

4. Clean the ceilings. Dust and cobwebs lodge in this part of your home.

5. Get an emergency kit. Never know when you need it. The kit should include supplies for 72 hours. Water, canned goods, a can opener, flashlight, radio, extra batteries, first aid kit, money and an emergency plan of your home.

6. Surround yourself with people you like. Create a wall of photos and update it every three months.

7. Improve the environment in your home. Invest in fresh flowers regularly. It will be good for your home and your emotional state.

Vestibule and storage

8. Store seasonal items. Why take up space in your foyer with clothes and accessories that will only use six months from now? Invest in a vacuum storage solution for your clothes take up less space.

9. Opt for storage baskets. Accessories like scarves, belts and other small items can be stored together in one basket. If you have a large couch or chair near the entrance of your home, place a basket underneath and use it to fix all these items. When the bucket is full, it's time to put things back in place.

10. Install hooks for children to hang their coats and also install shelves low so they can put their accessories. This tip does not only keep your home tidier but also encourages children to get dressed and organize themselves.

11. If you have a vestibule, put there a couch or chair so you can put your shoes on comfortably.

12. Add extra hangers in the wardrobe to hang coats of your visits. Nothing worse than having guests at home and having to throw their coats on the bed.

13. Rummage through your wardrobe and get rid of all coats, shoes and all other items that you not regularly use. You can follow the rule of "one year" for this task. If you have not used the piece last year, then get rid of it.

Living Room

14. Need a new look for your room? Try changing the furniture from place. Sometimes a small change is all you need to make your house look completely different.

15. Spread some green in your living room. Plants are synonymous with beauty and harmony in any room.

16. Clean and organize your bookshelves. Take all the books, clean them and separate them by taste. All books will not be read the next month or if they've been reed should be stored elsewhere.

17. Give your old books to hospitals, schools and centers.

18. Rummage through your collection of CD and DVD and get rid of songs and movies that you do not hear or see for years. Scan everything you want to save.

19. If you have carpet, steam clean them. It's the only way to get rid of dirt. The cleaner only cleans the surface of the carpet.

20. If you have wood floors or laminates, give them a good cleaning. Remove dust with a vacuum cleaner before washing the floor. A simple solution of vinegar and water is enough to wash your floor.

21. Clean the baseboards. This area is not clean as often and can accumulate dirt.

22. Clean up your sofas and chairs every month. You'd be surprised at the amount of dust and dirt that gathers between the cushions.

23. Clean your curtains every year. You can steam clean them or remove them and wash them in the washer.

24. Clean up your electronic devices. Literally are magnets for dirt. Use a micro fiber cloth to remove most dirt.

25. Clean your plants and cut the dead leaves. It is very important that your plants do not have dead leaves to keep them disease free.

Dining Room

26. Take a good clean in your cutlery and crockery. Take everything out and clean all parts. Only replace the items you have in normal usage.

27. All items that you don't use, not even at Christmas, will probably never use it anymore, so get rid of them.

28. Clean your dining table and chairs.

29. If you have a silverware for special occasions, then give it a good polish to be ready for the next party.

30. Want to change something? Choose to change your tablecloth by demonstrating the time of year that is.


31. Get rid of herbs and spices not used in the last year. If its scent and color disappeared, then they should be spoiled.

32. Check what is in your pantry. Get rid of all the items that you did not use last year.

33. Keep long-term food in your cabinets. Canned goods, rice, pasta should always be at your disposal for an unexpected meal.

34. Take a good cleaning on your kitchen floor.

35. Can not find the kitchen utensil you need? Give a turn to your kitchen drawers and get rid of all the utensils you do not use. You will see that the next time you open the drawers you will find just what you really need.

36. Rummage through your fridge and freezer. Throw out any old and spoiled food. Frozen meat should be consumed within a maximum of three months.

37. Always wash the dishes after a meal. Try to keep the rack empty so the task of washing dishes does not seem so difficult.

38. Clean everything that is on top of the refrigerator. If you are saving anything on this site, you probably need to better study the available storage in your kitchen.

39. Get rid of all the recipes that you took from the Internet and printed but never used. All the recipes that you really want to save should be placed in a organized folder.

40. Organize your plastic containers. If you have a container that is deformed by the heat, get rid of it.

41. Clean properly all stainless steel appliances. Look for cleaning products designed for this task.

42. Clean your oven regularly. To keep the bottom of the oven free from drips and leftover food, place an aluminum foil to cover the bottom.

43. Replace your tea towels every day. Germs and bacteria love moist environments.


44. Consider painting your bathroom in a different color. You'll see that your mornings will become much more enjoyable.

45. Update your bathroom accessories.

46. Clean your bathtub curtain.

47. Clean the tiles with frequency. Mix vinegar and water and use a sponge for this task.

48. Clean the walls and ceilings. First use a dry cloth to remove dust and then use water and detergent to wash.

49. Invest in a stainless steel bracket for your bath. Organize your bathroom accessories in this way will prevent mold.

50. Install shelves for towels and extra toilet paper.

51. If the discharge of your toilet is old, choose to change the system for one that saves water.

52. Get rid of all the medicines in your medicine cabinet that are past their life.

53. Get rid of all cosmetic products that you have not used last year.


54. Make your bed every day. This small initiative will help you build the courage to all other tasks of the day.

55. Wash clothes whenever the basket is full. Although this seems obvious, often the lack of time makes this task left undone.

56. Do not take anything for the room that may drive away the calm and harmony of this division. This includes telephones, computers and toys for children.

57. Rummage through your closet and drawers. Get rid of clothes that you do not use.

58. Do not invite bacteria and mites to sleep with you. Change the bedding every week.

59. Scour those items that you have been guarding. Letters, cinema tickets, concerts, children's drawings, etc... Ask yourself if it is really worth saving them all. If the answer is no, get rid of them.

60. Consider painting your room in a different color.

61. Update your bedside lamps or your quilt and pillows. These changes will renew your room.

62. Please update frames with more recent photos of the loved ones.

63. Analyze the locations where clutter in your room is a constant. If you find papers scattered in a zone, choose to put an organizer there. If there is a place where you always have scattered clothes, opt for a hanger or the installation of hooks on the wall.

64. Get rid of everything that is stored under your bed.

65. Turn your mattress every three months. This will increase its durability.

66. Vacuum your mattress frequently.

67. Organize your closet by color and type of clothing.

68. The seasonal bedding should be washed and stored in suitable bags when not in use.

69. Under the bed is a lot of dust. Clean this area frequently.

70. Always have two layers for your quilt. One for hot weather and one for cold weather.


71. Make space for new toys that your children will receive next Christmas or Birthday. Consider donating old toys to charity.

72. Make an inventory of clothing for your children. Get rid of all that is no longer used.

73. Make an inventory of books for your children. All those who are no longer appropriate for their ages should be removed from rooms.

74. Change the bedding every week.

75. Hang the pictures of your children in a frame.

76. Clean and disinfect toys often. Toys can be washed with soap and water.

77. Encourage your children to be independent. Hang hooks at a lower level so they can be used by them.


78. Get rid of everything that is stored in your basement for over a year. If you have old furniture is time to take a decision.

79. Invest in a dehumidifier to get rid of moisture.

80. Turn your basement into a playroom, bedroom or media room.

81. Leave the windows of your basement open during the summer.


82. Rummage through your tools and get rid of all you have in double or more. Try to sell everything online that do not need.

83. Get rid of old or damaged sports equipment.

84. Arrange to get everything from hooks on walls or on high shelves.

85. If you can not put your car in the garage, you probably have more things stored. Choose to do a garage sale to get rid of most of the things you no longer use.

86. Clean your garage. Take everything out and wash the floors and walls.

87. Get rid of cleaning chemicals that do not use or do not need.

Outside of your house

88. Wash your windows and doors inside and outside. Dirt can accumulate on both sides. The windows with difficult access should be cleaned at least once a year.

89. Wash the outside of your house and the entrance when the weather is warmer. Oil stains should be cleaned immediately to prevent permanent scarring.

90. Garbage and fallen leaves should be removed from your property.

91. Clean the gutters in the spring and autumn. Clogged gutters will make your life very difficult.

92. Look at your driveway. If there are missing stones or tiles, choose to fill space with cement.


93. Rummage through your documents and get rid of everything that you no longer need. If the task seems too big to do at once, try to lose 30 minutes a day to organize your documentation.

94. Do the same on your computer. Delete all files and documents you do not need.

95. Make sure your will is updated. This document is very important and often ignored.

96. Put important documents and IDs in a fire proof box, or a location outside your office.

97. Organize your photos by date and delete all those that are no good.

98. Back up your computer often and keep these backups in a safe place.

99. Get rid of the office objects that you do not use.

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