A City Girl

City versus Country

I grew up in the city where everything was close to my house. If I needed to go to the grocery store I only had to travel for a mile or two. Likewise, if I needed to get some gas in my car I only had to travel for a mile or two. City life provided me with close facilities to shop, get gas, eat out for dinner, etc. Now that I am an adult I live in the country. Moving to the country from the city was quite a shock to me culturally and economically. Country dwellers must travel for many miles to reach their destinations. City life is different in many ways from country life.

Let me address this mileage issue that affects those persons who reside in the country. I am the first to shout it loud and proud that high gas prices have an almost devastating effect on country dwellers. We travel many miles during the course of our day. Those miles are certainly not cheap! When gas reaches $4.00 per gallon we feel the pinch wholeheartedly. That is when we must either cut back on our driving or find another area in our budget to cut.

When you live in the city you are close to stores, gas stations, malls, schools, etc. However, city life gets noisy at times. On a lazy Sunday afternoon you might hear neighborhood children loudly playing outside. The hustle and bustle of city life is foreign to country residents.

When you live in the country the setting is typically a peaceful one. However, you must drive miles and miles to get to a store or a gas station. It takes more time to get to places where you need to go when you live in the country. In the country on a lazy Sunday afternoon you will definitely hear neighborhood children playing but not as loud as you would in the city. All you hear in the country is the echo of those playing children's voices. That echo makes their noise seem more bearable. These muffled sounds makes it almost as if you were dreaming of hearing playing children.

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