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This is an unpaid comparison review between two countertop types of convection ovens, one brand called Flavorwave and the other a Sunpentown convection oven. I have owned both brands.

In general, these type of ovens cook similar to a rotisserie style, but instead of the food rotating on a spindle, the air inside the appliance moves.

What they have in common:

  • They both sit conveniently on a counter top for cooking
  • Both have racks at the bottom of the glass dishes so meats can sit on the racks, thus fat and juices drain off the meats to the bottom of the pan. This makes for less fat in the final cooked meat.
  • Both can cook meat from a frozen state, so great for people who don’t necessarily plan well in advance.
  • Both have easy cleanup – just toss in the dishwasher, all except the actual heating unit, that is.
  • Both use less energy than standard ovens, thus reducing electric bills.
  • Both are very portable, great for dorm living, RV lifestyles, small apartment living, and anyone that has small space or moves a lot.

There is a learning curve to both ovens, and both can cook a huge range of foods including breads, desserts, etc. Cooking is not my strongest area in life, so I never tried these types of foods in either oven, but it looked interesting. One of those, “some day I’d like to learn” things. Mostly my usage on both ovens consisted of meats, and frozen foods such as burritos and French fries.

The Differences

Sunpentown convection oven seemed to recommend that meat be defrosted before cooking, so that was a bit of a negative for me. However, it does have a “thaw” mode to use, so that greatly speeds up the process.

Sunpentown convection oven seemed to take foods longer to cook than Flavorwave.

I didn’t like the rack height options as well for the Sunpentown convection oven, both were either very low or very high in the unit, so I preferred Flavorwave’s rack height, it was more in the one third percentile range that I liked. I also liked that it had an extender you could use for cooking larger meats such as a turkey that Sunpentown’s didn’t have.

Flavorwave also had the additional feature of cooking with infrared light. Perhaps this wasway food cooked more quickly that Sunpentown’s.

With Flavorwave you could put meat on the rack, frozen solid and it came out very moist and to perfection nearly every time. I had more difficultly with Sunpentown’s unit getting meats as moist.

Bottom line, after owning both models, if I have to purchase again I would go with the Flavorwave. The Sunpentown is fine in its own right, I don’t regret getting it, but Flavorwave has an edge for me.

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