A Short, Concise Idea Of Cleaning Your Grout The Right Way

Pondering over whether it is time to finally get down to your dirty tile and clean out that grout? Or should you just let it go another a couple of weeks? After all, how much worse can it really get? The answer to that question is one better left an unsolved mystery. After all, why put off cleaning the grout and giving your tiles a much-needed makeover when the consequences far outweigh the effort? In fact, unless your procrastination has allowed the situation to spiral out of control, it may take more effort to find just the right cleansing agent to tackle your particular job.

A quick trip to the store or a few minutes searching the web will reveal that type of grout cleaning product you want to use is tied directly to the level of the job it's required to do. When the cleaning situation is defined by out-of-control mold growth or deeply penetrating or stains,the job may well require commercial solutions and their harsh chemical formulations. In most cases of only mild mold, surface stains and even widespread light discoloration,you'll be happy to know, tile and grout can be cleaned quite effectively with these common household items that are not nearly as harsh.

Baking Soda

Do a little research on how to clean practically anything and it seems as if eventually you'll discover advice from someone extolling the virtues of baking soda. In the case of cleaning dirty tile and grout, it's not just a crazy claim, it's a time-honored truth. Create a paste that avoids being either too thick or too runny and you've instantly got a cheap, but effective means of cleaning grout. The only tool you really need when using this paste is a toothbrush with its bristles still in relatively decent shape. As an added plus, baking soda paste is particularly well suited to cleaning vertical tile since the paste won't trickle down as freely as chemical cleansers.

Lemon Juice

Another household item that seems to have some sort of magical property capable of cleaning everything from rust stains on clothing to caked-on barbecue sauce on outdoor grills. When it comes to cleaning grout and tile, lemon juice actually pulls off two magic tricks. For a price far cheaper than any commercial cleaning product, plain undiluted lemon juice can not only remove the grime, but bring color back from some stains.


Aside from the element of frugality, using household products to clean tile and grout is also about avoiding releasing harsh chemicals into the air you breathe inside your house. With that in mind, bleach should almost always be a last resort before going to store to buy those commercial cleansers. Not only is bleach a potential respiratory hazard, but it also carries the possibility of causing physical discomfort or damage to your skin and eyes. Which is why the rule of bleach club is to always use gloves and protective eyewear. Second rule of bleach club is to make sure the area to be cleaned is well-ventilated. While using bleach means taking these precautions seriously, it is also undeniably effective for finishing the jobs that baking soda and lemon juice just aren't cut out for.

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These organic cleaners are considered much safer than the other commercial cleaners that are harsh on surfaces. I would suggest sticking with a well known organic cleaner. If the organic cleaner does not clean well enough for your taste, then the only other alternative is a regular grout cleaner or one of the other professional grade grout cleaners.

It is important to remember that tiles are very porous. It is a good idea to be gentle to the tiles. Don't use a harsh cleanser on a regular basis. This might destroy the tile. It is important to buy the gentlest cleaner that you can find to do a proper cleaning on the tile. Always read the ingredients on the label. Look for products with more natural cleansers than harsh chemical products. Here are some information that will help you.

PH Balanced Products

PH Balanced Products are considered the safest for clean up. They are the best products to use on floors and tiles for regular maintenance purposes. Most of these products are mixed with hot water and applied to the floor with a mop. Read the instructions before use.

Alkaline Based Products

Alkaline based products are considered safe for most tile surfaces in the home. However, use due caution, they might cause an allergic skin reaction. This is the best product for tile that is filled with grease and dirt buildup that is difficult to remove with regular detergent cleaners.

Acidic Products

Use these products on really grimy floors. These are very strong cleansers, but they are also some of the harshest cleaners on the market. Remember, to use gloves with the cleaner to protect hands.

Certainly, cleaning grout is difficult, but this requires your immediate attention. Furthermore, this is going to require a lot of hard work and a tremendous amount of your time to get the place in working order. However the satisfaction you get when it's all done is priceless. You've clean one part of your area by which most people don't wanna deal with.

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Jasmil 7 weeks ago

Excellent advice! Cleaning products are generally toxic, while we clean, we inhale toxic fumes. I use all of the above, in addition to the benefits often and vinegar. In order to neutralize his strong smell, in a bottle with vinegar Im chopping orange peel or lemon ...

Andre 7 weeks ago

Really interesting article. Sure that i will try to do it. Personally, i have the worst difficulties to clean my grout. I spent a lot of money to have a god methods , efficient and natural. Moreover i live alone. Because of my work i often have no time to clean house

Bipin Tamrakar profile image

Bipin Tamrakar 7 weeks ago

I see. I was always keeping on avoiding cleaning process may be the reason was that I was never satisfied with the cleaning I had been doing. Now this seems real methodical process for cleaning our grout. Ummm, and its easy too since most of the materials are available in our household. I must say, its amazing to me and I will be trying it out very soon.

Thank you very much for sharing it with us.I appreciate your effort.

lakis 7 weeks ago

satisfied with the cleaning

john 7 weeks ago

Very useful informations.From all of the tips i believe that lemon is the best. I used it in my house and i am very satisfied with the cleaning. Also lemon has a very nice smell and it is not something chemical.Thank you very much for the tips.I appreciate your effort.

tilak 7 weeks ago

Saying that lemons are a superfood is an understatement. Not only do they add abundant flavor to a variety of dishes, but they also boast a ton of health benefits. The flavonoids within the juice are said to contain antioxidants, which is why lemons are useful in treating so many ailments and conditions

Julie Nou profile image

Julie Nou 7 weeks ago from Celestial Heaven Author

Yep true, lemons are usually what I use as well. Extremely safe.

kivi321 5 weeks ago

nice and good concept....

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