A Sprinkler That Looks Like A Scarecrow... and Squirts Stuff

The Scarecrow Sprinkler
The Scarecrow Sprinkler
The Scarecrow Squirts Everything...
The Scarecrow Squirts Everything...
And I Mean Everything!
And I Mean Everything!

The Scarecrow vs Pool Visitors

Chuck Norris vs The Scarecrow Sprinkler
Chuck Norris vs The Scarecrow Sprinkler

The Scarecrow Sprinkler Really Works

A Scarecrow WHAT?!

The first time I heard about this sprinkler was on a website while I was looking for something to keep my dogs from barking all night.

I found the Dog Silencer Pro and it fixed my dog barking problem pretty quick but while I was looking around I noticed this sprinkler that is supposed to keep unwanted visitors out of your yard or garden or wherever you don't want visitors walking into or snooping around at.

The definition of "visitor" is very broad considering all the reviews I have read about this thing and all the different applications people have used the Scarecrow Sprinkler for.

I have included a video made by a guy who put one by his pool (spa) to keep pigeons and other birds from landing on the thresh hold to get a drink and make a poop deposit while they were there.

It is a very entertaining video complete with annotations and sound effects when the sprinkler activates and sends a blast of water directly at the offending wildlife (ding!).

One very noticeable point this video makes is that, allegedly, the Scarecrow Sprinkler really does work.

How many gadgets and "as seen on TV" gizmos have we seen throughout the years that claim to do "whatever" but when we get it to the house we find that the only thing it did was cost us $19.95 + shipping and handling.

I'm not going to lie to anyone, I do not own one of these devices (I don't need one, I've got two Rottweilers that keep people out of my yard, remember the dog barking problem?) but I did do quite a bit of research on these things for two reasons,

  1. I think it is a great idea (if it works) and the examples of it in action that I found on YouTube were way funny, and
  2. I WILL NOT promote any item that I know is a piece of crap.

You may have noticed that I said I am promoting this product and that means exactly what it sounds like, if you buy one from my website or this hub page, I get a commission.

The sprinkler device is a very simple idea and pretty basic as far as "gadgets" go.

It is an ordinary jet style yard/garden sprinkler (the kind that has the swing lever and goes tat, tat, tat, tat, as it waters and bbrraappppp as it cycles back) with a battery operated motion sensor/detector clamped to the stake just below the water jet.

Looking at the picture can be a little confusing as the stickers really do make the motion sensor device look like a crow, hence the name Scarecrow Sprinkler.

While reading the reviews, it seemed like the most common complaint was that it leaked where the hose screwed into the sprinkler and just about every one of those reviews added that a few wraps of silicon tape fixed the problem every time.

The second most common complaint was that it seemed to be made of cheap plastic (the sprinkler head and the stake that pushes into the ground) but this sounds like a matter of opinion as I have quite a few of the plastic jet sprinklers and they work just fine for me.

I also have a couple of the full metal jet sprinklers (which work just as well) and I'm sure they will last longer than the plastic as they are all metal, but they did come with a higher price tag (quite a bit higher if I remember right).

The reason I brought up the full metal jet sprinkler is that one of the reviews mentioned his concern about the performance of the plastic one so he went out and bought a full metal jet sprinkler, unclamped the motion detector from the plastic one and attached it to the metal one.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

That's what I would do if I was gonna buy one of these things.


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