All About Memory Foam Mattresses

Some memory foam mattresses have removable layers and memory foam inserts.
Some memory foam mattresses have removable layers and memory foam inserts.

A memory foam mattress could be the thing you need to improve your sleep and make your nights a lot more restful. Foam mattresses (commonly called memory foam mattresses) include visco elastic foam to provide better, more comfortable sleep and provide the orthopedic support you need. This technology is relatively new, only coming onto the market at the end of the twentieth century. However, it's become extremely popular. No matter what firmness you prefer, there's a memory foam mattress out there for you.

The real benefit of a foam mattress is its ability to relieve pressure points, conforming to your shape and your body contours without turning into a hammock. This keeps your spine and neck properly aligned. Most people who sleep on really low quality mattresses have problems in their back from just this lack of alignment. Cheap mattresses move with you, while memory foam mattresses adjust to your weight. Don't worry if your bed partner tosses and turns, either - the mattress will adjust individually, preventing them from waking you up.

Temperature is a lot less of an issue on a mattress made of memory foam, too. This mattress softens as it heats, making it the perfect choice for people with soreness, or pressure points. Originally designed to keep astronauts safe in high gravity levels, this material went on to be used to relieve the pressure that comes from being stuck in hospital beds. Patients with severe injuries or illnesses that restrict their mobility are often confined to beds for long periods of time. Unless they're moved by someone else, they develop painful pressure sores, which memory foam relieves.

an example of a good memory foam bed from
an example of a good memory foam bed from

While the original material had some problems (brittleness over time), it was quickly shown to be an effective way to keep people comfortable. Newer foam mattresses don't have the problems of the old ones, but they keep all the benefits. Eventually, the memory foam beds came onto the ordinary market. Its ability to conform to your body and adjust according to temperature and pressure made it like nothing else in the world.

Of course, not all memory foam mattresses are the same. Some of them have a lower density, and are accordingly cheaper, but they don't offer the same kind of response. Higher density memory foams offer better cushioning effects and better responses. They're also more costly. This is one reason why bargain hunting for your memory foam mattress isn't the best idea. You need to be willing to pay for the quality you want. That doesn't mean you won't find a good deal on a higher quality product, but beware bargains that you haven't checked out carefully.

Memory foam helps you get the best possible sleep by supporting you where you need it most.
Memory foam helps you get the best possible sleep by supporting you where you need it most.

Another consideration when it comes to your foam mattress is the material that the mattress is made from. Conventional memory foam is made from a polyurethane foam, in either an open or closed cell structure, with a few added chemicals. These are petroleum based foams, and difficult to get rid of when their useful lifespan is up. This is one reason that many people would prefer to use a natural or environmentally friendly foam over the ordinary variety. However, you can't just stick with anything labeled green.

You see, natural latex based foam mattresses do rely on less petroleum than convention ones, but most of them include synthetics in the mix. Memory foam requires a certain amount of petroleum product in order to have the desirable characteristics most people want. Wholly organic, or wholly latex based foams aren't really available. There are some choices that are better for the environment, however, and careful research can help you find them. Expect to pay a premium.

For people who don't like the surface they're sleeping on, who have back problems and trouble sleeping, a memory foam mattress could be the perfect choice. These mattresses are comfortable and react with your body to provide the kind of support it needs. Once you've slept on one, you won't want to go back to your old mattress! Take the time to investigate your memory foam options and see what kinds of foam beds are available to you. These mattresses could be exactly the thing you've been waiting for, and just what you need to help you finally get that good night's sleep. Don't suffer from poor sleep any longer - check out memory foam mattresses today.

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