Add Curb Appeal in One Weekend to Get You Moved

When you're trying to sell your home, first impressions count the minute a prospective buyer pulls up in front of your house. You want your home to look polished, inviting, cozy, well kept and, above all, a place that looks like home. As you prepare your home and your family for your upcoming move, adding curb appeal to your home may seem like something you just don't have the time for. But spending even just one weekend investing some time to beautifying your home from the outside will give you a better chance of getting the right buyer to come inside.

All the Small Things

Start with the obvious – all those little jobs that can easily get neglected as time goes on but which become incredibly important when you want to make a good first impression. Walk out to the sidewalk or road in front of your home and take a good, long look at it. Try to see it as a stranger would. Pick out all the little messes, small bits of clutter and even minor signs of wear that could turn people off from buying your home. Then get to work. Trim the shrubs, sweep the walkway, wash the windows and clear off the front porch. Spending a Saturday afternoon fixing up the front of your house can easily lead to a greater interest from prospective buyers.

Get a Green Thumb

One Burlington moving company suggests using a mixture of flowers, plants and shrubs to give the front of your home real personality. Using brightly colored plants along with vibrant shrubs can give your front yard a real pop in terms of curb appeal. Alternatively, you can choose pastel colored flowers for a more serene first impression. Add on a small herb garden and you'll sweeten the deal – literally. Potential buyers will pass by the fragrant plants and inviting smell of fresh herbs as they enter your home.

Check Your Windows

The front windows of your home should be clean, of course, but they should also provide a welcoming view into your home. If your front room comes with a massive picture window, be sure the curtains look good from the outside and that the room itself is clean. Using window boxes for flowers around other windows can add personality to the home as well.

Clean, Paint or Replace the Front Door

No matter how long you've lived in your home, chances are good that you never gave your door a second thought during your spring cleaning rituals. Sometimes a door can be restored to something almost new by simply giving it a good scrub. If your door needs a bit more than that invest in a high quality paint. This is the time to choose a good color that goes with the personality of your home and adds to its curb appeal. If your door is truly weathered or is in any way actually damaged, spring for a whole new replacement.

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