Appliances That Are Great for Emergencies

Be Ready for the Next Power Outage

According to the Boys Scouts, one should always be prepared, and they are right. You want to be prepared for any sort of emergency when the power goes out because of a hurricane, a snowstorm, earthquake, flooding or whatever the reason. Until the power comes on, here are some great appliances that will run on batteries or alternative energy source and will make the emergency a little easier to bear.

Let There Be Light

This Rayovac electric lantern is great to have in your living room area when the power goes out because it lights up a 50-foot radius! It has 2 long-life 9-watt fluorescent U-tubes and is powered by 8 D batteries that can run for 14 hours. It weighs less than 3 pounds and is water-resistant.

For individual bedrooms, this small Rayovac LED Lantern is a great alternative to a bedside lamp. It only uses 3 D batteries that runs for 40 hours and weighs less than a pound. It's very compact and portable at 7" tall and 3.5" wide.

These lanterns are safer and more effective alternatives to candles.

Keeping Your Cool

When the power goes out and it's hot, nothing is more uncomfortable than being sleepless and enduring a sweltering night. However this battery-operated portable fan is available to keep you cool until the air conditioner works again. It runs on 8 D batteries and swivels to cool the entire room. You have a choice of two speeds with this portable fan.

Have Dinner on the Table

This compact, portable gas stove from Gasone will help you to prepare meals instead of eating out all the time during a power outage. With a built-in push-button piezo-electric starter, you don't need a lighter or match to start the flame. It uses a standard 8 oz butane canister for power and provides two hours of flame on High. There is an automatic canister level indicator and uses the Safety Governor System which is approved in the US and Canada.

A Good Cup of Coffee without an Electric Coffeemaker

One of the first things people miss when the power goes out is a good cup of coffee and instant coffee just doesn't cut it. Well you can still have a great cup of coffee even when your coffeemaker doesn't work. Just pour some hot water into the Aerobie AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker. It comes with a coffee scoop and filters.

What Time Is It?

If your cell phone runs out of power, you won't know what time it is. This simple and effective analog clock will tell you what time it is and also works as an alarm clock. It requires only 1 C battery.

Hear the News

When the power goes out, you'll feel isolated because you won't know what's going on without the TV or computer working to find out what's going on. Most people forget to turn to battery-operated radios to hear the news but they are a great appliance to have during emergencies. This trusty pocket transistor radio from Sony has great audio quality, reception and runs continuously for 40 hours on 2 AA batteries.

Never Enough Flashlights

When the power goes out, you need a strong, portable source of light and this LED flashlight produces a bright beam on 3 AA batteries and lasts 20 hours. Made from durable plastic and rubber, it's waterproof and it floats! You'll need more than one.

Keep Things Cool

During a power outage, the refrigerator going out poses a problem because there is no way to keep meats and dairy cool. These Rubbermaid ice packs are a great way to keep your food cold for a longer period to give you extra time to plan what to do. Just make sure that you put a lot of these in your freezer before the power goes out so that they are fully frozen. Wrap these ice packs around your meats, dairy, and mayonnaise in your cooler.

When a challenging situation is coming your way, remember to

  • go to the store and buy batteries before the power goes out
  • gas up your car since it's your only way to get out and about
  • fully recharge your cell phones

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billybuc profile image

billybuc 3 years ago from Olympia, WA

Great suggestions! I'm always amazed by the number of people who are not prepared for an emergency. They can strike each of us at any time, and preparations like these are great.

Flightkeeper profile image

Flightkeeper 3 years ago from The East Coast Author

Thanks billybuc. I agree with you, everyone should have an emergency kit that has a lantern, flashlight, water, and radio.

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