Are You the Type of Person Who Keeps Everything from Holiday Cards to Ornaments from Years Past?

There is something reassuring about holding onto objects that can bring you pleasure just by looking at them. (I speak as someone who has a suitcase full of old cards, photos, letters and toys.)

The joy of storing treasured items can lose a bit of its appeal, however, if your house is being overtaken with possessions that run the risk of being damaged, lost, or simply unappreciated as part of too much clutter. No matter how much you like to keep your treasures close, it is a good idea to consider instead how to keep them safe and secure for the long term.

Benefits of a self-storage facility

Using a self-storage facility can be a very good solution. Lots of people use self-storage for far more than excess furniture. You might consider the following benefits to this type of arrangement:

  1. Easy access to your possessions. The kinds of things that have a lot of sentimental value and that you don’t want to discard aren’t necessarily belongings that you want to take out and look at every single day. However, having ready access to them can put your mind at ease and let you plan your visits to assure yourself that they’re all right.
  2. Safety and security. Using a self-storage facility is an excellent way to keep your things safe from harm and safe from the types of damage that can occur in any home. You should be sure to pack your goods correctly for storage, and make sure that there will be no problems either in moving them or in leaving them unattended in the storage facility for several months.
  3. Cost effectiveness. Storing your treasured possessions in a self-storage unit might sound like an expensive idea, but it really isn’t. You will find that you can get a good-sized space at little cost. An online quote is the quickest way to learn the cost and decide at your leisure whether the safekeeping of your treasures is worth the expense of storage.
  4. Flexibility. Freedom to add or remove items is a great advantage of self-storage. Because your priorities and needs can change while your belongings are stored, the ability to pop over any time you want to change things around makes it easy to manage your personal storage unit and what is in it.
  5. An orderly home. If you store your excess belongings, your house can be much less cluttered up with things that you don’t really need. This makes your home a lot easier to keep tidy while also increasing your ability to preserve and locate your valuable items.

A Funny Self-Storage Commercial

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