Artificial Outdoor Putting Green - Things To Know Before You Install

How Would You Like A Home Putting Green?

Artificial grass putting greens have given professional and leisure golfers the chance to improve their golf game without leaving the comfort of their homes. They can already install a realistic-looking golf course in their backyard and use it to sharpen their skills every time they need some practice.

Thanks to this new innovation, they can already prevent their work and other activities from getting in the way of their daily golf sessions.

Not everyone has the opportunity to get to golf courses every now and then. You have no choice left but to accept this fact and find ways to keep your own mini golf course in your backyard. Aside from helping you improve your skills in golf, artificial putting greens can also give you endless hours of pure entertainment right in your backyard .

Here are some things you need to remember before installing an artificial golf putting green turf in your backyard.

Do not be afraid to splurge

Some people think that artificial putting is a material that comes in a carpet-like form. Although carpet-like variations are cheap, they cannot simulate the golf course setting as well as other advanced putting greens can.

Specially-designed synthetic fibers are used for artificial greens in order to make them look and feel like natural grass. Always be open to the idea of using these advanced materials rather than their cheap counterparts. After all, the realistic appeal of artificial putting greens is essential in making you feel like you are really practicing in a golf course rather than your backyard. Their realistic texture will push your skills to the limits by making you feel more motivated and focused.

Putting greens vs. indoor mats

Indoor golf mats are not as effective as outdoor putting greens. Indoor mats have monotonous textures that will make you feel bored as you progress with your golf sessions. An outdoor golf course can remedy this problem by giving you a larger and more flexible area to practice on.

You will also have the option to add ponds or bunkers to your mini golf course. Aside from increasing the aesthetic appeal of your artificial putting greens, they will also give you the opportunity to hone your sand shots.

Finally, artificial putting green kits come in a wide variety of shapes, styles and sizes. Most of them come with contour pads, regulation cups, adjustable breaks and every tool you will need for your golf games. Whatever kind of putting green kit you wish to use, just make sure that it can get you in the mood to improve your golf game.

Installing your putting greens

Artificial putting green installation involves the need to determine the location and to measure its dimensions. You will also need to clear the area where you want to install the greens before digging out four inches of dirt from the location. You have to keep this area flat after you have removed the dirt from it.

Next, you have to add a layer of crushed gravel into the area where you wish to add the putting greens. Press against the gravel until it has become smooth and even. Gravel can address the drainage issues you may encounter while maintaining your putting greens.

Add layers of stone dust or limestone over the gravel layer and press against it until it has become smooth and flat. After completing these steps, you can already start digging holes for your golf cups and adding the artificial putting greens around them.

Maintaining your putting greens

Artificial putting green maintenance is crucial to keeping your makeshift golf course in tiptop condition. Use a leaf blower to get rid of all the debris and dirt that have clung to your putting greens. If you chose to use polypropylene putting greens for your golf course, you might need to concentrate on maintaining them because of the additional topdressing they need.

Now that you already know more about artificial putting greens, you can use these pieces of information to create the best golf course right in your backyard.

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