Auger Bits

Auger bits are tools that are used to drill holes. Historically, workers made
use of a handheld auger to bore a hole in a piece of wood, which enabled them to
push pegs into the furniture. In today’s age, these tools are used for boring
holes in a variety of surfaces ranging from metal, rock and wood to concrete,
ice and soil. There are different ratings of bits available that are suitable
for drilling through different surfaces, and they are properly marked for such
specific usage.

Spade Bits

Among the most common type of auger bits meant for household use are the spade
bits. The edge of these bits is flattened and broad so that it can be set in a
power-operated drill. They are capable of drilling holes ranging in width from
half an inch to one inch. Different bit sizes are used for different sizes of
holes. Electricians use these bits commonly for installation of electrical
wiring. Carpenters also use them while drilling a hole in a door in order to
fix a door handle.

Differently Rated Bits

An auger bit is specifically rated for drilling through specific surfaces. A
nail biter bit is rated to extract a nail from a hole where the nail was
affixed. Ice fishing usually requires the use of spade bits to bore through the
ice. It can also be used for craft purposes. There are specifically rated bits
to drill through extremely hard surfaces such as concrete or rock. Normally
this bit will be made of a size that fits into power-operated hammer drill.
This is a powerful drill that exerts dual force due to high rotation as well as
forward thrust at the same time.

Soil Auger Bits

These bits are generally used where a hard surface of soil needs to be tilled,
or where the gardener needs to bore holes in the ground surface for new
plantations. This item can vary in size from 6 to 12 inches in its diameter,
and the length may go up to 29 inches. The smaller sized bits among these may
be used with handheld drills, but the bigger and longer ones are meant to be
used with large, gas-operated auger machines.

Bits for Oil Drilling and Mining

Very large sized auger bits may be used for oil drilling and mining. Both
activities may require digging deep into the ground surface to search for the
resources hidden in the earth’s depths. Such bits need heavy duty equipment and
advanced technologies to manage them. They can be massive in size, and capable
of digging as deep as 200 feet. This kind of a special sized bit may also be
used for moving heave materials from one location to another, in addition to
its primary use for mining and oil industry.

Using the Right Bit

The success and predictable results with an auger bit can be achieved only when
the most appropriate bit is used for the most appropriate surface. For
instance, it is important to use a wood bit for a wooden surface, a rock bit
for rocky surface, and so on. The drill also plays a crucial role and it must
be powered appropriately in proportion to the hardness of the surface.


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