Autumn Table Decorations--Capture Seasonal Colors With a Brightly-Hued Centerpiece

A Bright Splash of Autumn Color

Photo: Autumn Table Centerpiece
Photo: Autumn Table Centerpiece | Source

A Fall Family Project

Autumn table decorations are just the thing to capture the beauty of fall. Creativity can "bloom" with seasonal offerings to grace the table.

A fall table centerpiece, created from materials picked from the late garden or surrounding countryside, adds a welcome display of color as days become shorter and the weather turns colder.

Gathering leaves, nuts, berries & fall flowers and arranging them as decorations for the table is a reminder that the season offers a tapestry of bright hues.

An afternoon should be set aside to gather materials. A large bag or handled basket can be used to collect items for autumn decor.

What Materials Can Be Collected for Autumn Table Decorations?

  • Brightly colored leaves
  • Berries and rose hips
  • Nuts/acorns
  • Small pine cones
  • Trailing vines – Virginia creeper is a good choice because it turns a lovely red color in fall.
  • Late fall flowers such as mums or asters, Helianthus (perennial sunflower) or Sedum, black-eyed Susan's or Russian sage add additional color, if a floral arrangement is desired.
  • Small ornamental gourds make excellent additions to autumn centerpieces because they come in such an interesting array of colors and exotic shapes. Shenot Crown of Thorns, Hedgehog, or pear bi-color gourds are good choices.
  • Smaller pumpkin varieties such as Jack be Little or Munchkin pumpkins also can be added for visual appeal.

All items should be picked when dry for use in fall table centerpieces. Once gathered, leaves and other materials should be sorted to choose the best specimens for the autumn table.

Bright Autumn Colors Add Cheer as Weather Turns Colder

Photo: Fall Table Centerpiece
Photo: Fall Table Centerpiece | Source

Additional Materials for Fall Table Centerpieces

  • A large oblong platter
  • Scissors
  • Brightly colored napkins in fall colors

Making an Autumn Colors Table Decoration

  1. Trim any brown patches or ragged edges from leaves.
  2. Arrange leaves on the platter, covering completely, so the leaves will make a bright background for the other materials. Leaves should extend past the platter edge.
  3. Fall flower arrangements can be particularly striking. If flowers are to be included, arrange these in the center or around the edge of the platter.
  4. Fill in spaces between flowers with nuts, acorns, pine cones, small gourds, smaller squashes or pumpkins.
  5. Trail vines around the edge.
  6. Insert bright berry clusters to finish off the fall centerpiece.
  7. Arrange brightly colored napkins in the middle of the table and place the platter on these so napkins frame the autumn centerpiece.

Autumn table decorations are sure to draw comments and can help to set the mood for entertaining. A fall table centerpiece dresses up the table, while showcasing the best offerings of the season.

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