Change an Awkward Space into a Private Retreat

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What awkward space? An elegant chaise is a great furniture piece that sets the tempo for comfort, relaxation or just a noon snooze.
What awkward space? An elegant chaise is a great furniture piece that sets the tempo for comfort, relaxation or just a noon snooze. | Source

Make an awkward space special with great ideas and personal style know-how. Streamline, organize and polish less than desirable spaces to make them better and functional.

Address any special room features such as angled walls or floors, over-sized or lack of windows and low or extra-high ceilings. Take chances and re-create a room design that inspires your imagination.

Decorate an awkward space as an extra bedroom, closet or home office .Maximize awkward spaces for their style potential. Accent your new space with furniture and accessories to accent a modern look and add personality. Improve awkward spaces for a finished and modern style in your home.

Look for interior decorating ideas to create a look and feel of decorative style for your awkward spaces. Try personal design themes to create a sense of spaciousness for your home. Turn an awkward space into a style asset that is unexpected, functional and decorative.

A Private Retreat

Create a special area in your home as a personal escape. Use an extra bedroom, unused room area or spacious bathroom as your relaxing retreat. Make your personal space beautiful, relaxing and luxurious. Be sure to add accents that soothe, renew and lift your spirits.

Do some exercising, reading or just rest in a zone that is all yours. Turn your private retreat into a bubble of love for personal pampering. A chaise lounge chair, a daybed or an over-sized upholstered chair prove to be decorative delights to please you.

A private retreat should be a relaxing treat of personal indulgence. It is a place of peace, solitude and beauty. Appreciate a special space that is dedicated to pleasure and comfort. The big style pluses in a private retreat are soothing, calming and serene treatments of luxury essentials. Scented candles, a faux fur throw and fresh flowers are special accents that boost a private retreat. Comfort and a place to lounge are the essence of cozy elegance in a private retreat.

Re-work an awkward space with the change element of paint color. Install new flooring, shelving and area rugs. These are decorative touch-ups that keep a space light and fresh. Add new lighting, drapes and artwork to an awkward space to create modern class in a challenging interior room.

Renew an awkward room with creativity to design a polished space that is modern and functional. Carve or smooth out a relaxing space to treat your mind and spirit. Simple elegance is decorating awkward spaces for real improvement.

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Lawrence Da-vid profile image

Lawrence Da-vid 4 years ago

EABarnes! I already converted our most awkward space (garage) into my retreat. A jeepers creeper and I lay down on it, slide under my classic GTO and doze.

EA Barnes 4 years ago

You already have your retreat. That's awesome. Something great to look forward to.

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