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Pros And Cons Of Backless Barstools

Backless bar stools are sexy. I believe that most bar stools add some spice to living spaces. There is something exotic or classy or even forbidden about bar stools. Where did this association come from? My guess is that they were formally in the sole domain of bars and nightclubs and bars and night clubs are sexy and fun. Whether it is a wood paneled bar in your basement or a raised counter breakfast bar, the bars and bar stools add flair to the room.

When you decide you want to incorporate a breakfast bar or a pool side bistro table or a regular bar to your décor you must think about what type of bar stools you should buy. There are dozens of different varieties and each variety has numerous variations within the group. For the purposes of this article I will be discussing backless bar stools.

Backless bar stools are very common. They can be made from wood or metal or resin and they come in a huge number of colors. The seat can be as simple as wooden disks or they can be made ergonomically. There is, most certainly, a stool that will match your décor. However, is it smart to choose a backless bar stool? There are many reasons to choose a bar stool without a back and a few major reasons not to choose these stools. The following is a non-exhaustive list of pros and cons of backless bar stools:

barstools with backs

barstools with backs, although elegant and comfortable, can be cumbersome.
barstools with backs, although elegant and comfortable, can be cumbersome.

Cons of Backless Bar Stools

1. The comfort factor. Bar stools with backs are more comfortable. Period. Backless bar stools have no back support. The whole comfort gamut for bar stools range from the surprisingly comfortable to the rock hard and exceedingly uncomfortable. The backless versions generally take up the rock hard end of things. The importance of comfort is a personal preference. Most people prefer comfort. Even the addition of a cushion is not really a good solution on a backless stool.

2. The stability factor. Bar stools with backs tend to provide a person with more stability and security. This is important to consider if children or people with mobility issues will be using the stools. It is difficult to fall off backwards when the bar stool has a back.

3. The seat size factor. The seat size on a backless bar stool model can be very small (perhaps even as small as 9 inches in diameter) and generally flat.

backless bar stools benefits

Backless bar stools save a lot of space and are easy to move around. There are tons that are quite stylish.
Backless bar stools save a lot of space and are easy to move around. There are tons that are quite stylish.

Pros of Backless Bar Stools

4. The overall size factor. At risk of stating the obvious these stools are smaller. Without the back, the seat footprint is generally smaller, in addition to the fact that the stool takes up less vertical airspace. Anything that is visually smaller lends itself to a light, airy and uncluttered visual appeal. You can squeeze these babies into smaller spaces and tuck them away when they are not in use.

5. The adjustable seat height factor. This, in my opinion, isn't crucially important but it might be important to some people of smaller stature. The seat is attached via a screwing mechanism into the base. As you screw the seat it raises and lowers.

6. The expense factor. These stools need less construction material and are therefore priced accordingly. Some of these stools are dirt cheap, in fact. There are some backless bar stools to suit every budget.

7. The sturdiness factor. The least durable part of a bar stool is generally the spindles that form the back rest of the stool. By eliminating the spindles you eliminate the weakest part of the chair and increase the durability and sturdiness.

This list is by no means exhaustive on the subject. There might be many more factors to consider when purchasing a bar stool. I really welcome your comments on this subject. If you can think of further pros or cons with regard to backless bar stools, I would love to hear from you.

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Curious Jen profile image

Curious Jen 6 years ago from Canada/Nicaragua

Well written. Another con of backless bar stools is that they are easier to fall off when you are drunk.

greg austin profile image

greg austin 6 years ago from Canada Author

curious jen you are extremely astute and most practical. And most people only think of the aesthetics :-)

june of ages profile image

june of ages 6 years ago

Curious Jen is a funny gal.

greg austin profile image

greg austin 6 years ago from Canada Author


Thanks for your comments.


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