Bakugan Room Decor

Creating themed kids bedrooms may seem like good idea at the time but I’m sure many parents out here know how many phases kids go through. Today they want a SpongeBob room then the next day it’s a bakugan room. This hub is to give you a few simple tips how to create the basics for a kid’s themed room. All you have to do is substitute a few accessories like pillows and linen to create a new themed kids room in a flash! Without paint the walls or draw murals. My six year old nephews are crazy over Bakuagn right now so I am going to use the example of how to create a Bakugan Room.

Bakugan Room: Bakugan Wall Stickers
Bakugan Room: Bakugan Wall Stickers | Source
Bakugan Room: Bakugan Bed
Bakugan Room: Bakugan Bed | Source

How To Incorporate The Bakugan Theme Into Your Kids Room Decor

If your kids want a Bakugan room, here’s how to do it without breaking the bank.For example if the walls are all white you can opt to paint one of the walls n the iconic colors of Bakgukan, Red, Blue, Black or Red. Alternatively you can leave walls blank then bring in color though the accessories.

A Bakugan Bed

For a less kitsch look you can opt for a large solid color pillow case and a themed duvet cover. Bakugan Bedding currently retails at $ 49.99 as advertised 14.01.2011).

Bakugan Curtains

Curtains can be costly so instead of opting for themed curtain too I would simply opt for solid color curtain. If you didn’t opt for painting a wall then a great substitute is a contrast color of curtain. For example dark blue curtains could be ideal on a white wall.

Bakugan Wall Stickers

Themed Wall decals are a simple yet cost effective solution to creating themed looks for kids bedrooms. Apart from their price, wall decals can be easily removed from walls unlike painted wall murals. Bakugan Wall stickers feature lead character Dan as well as other Bakugan icons. These Bakugan Wall stickers retail from $ 9.35( As advertised 14.01.2011).

Decorating Basics For Kids Rooms

The Basics

When it comes to room decor my motto I laws simple...Keep al permanent fixtures like walls...and key furniture components like cupboards and chests in a neutral colour. You can create accents by making a feature wall. For example paint one of the walls in colour while the rest are in white.

Bing in the theme by using themed linen r kids favorite action figures. Use the kid’s room decor to teach them responsibility too.Fr example storage boxes are a great idea. You can teach kids to tidy up after they are done playing for the day by simply packing everything back into their storage box.

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travel_man1971 5 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

Kids will sure love it. Thanks, ktb! Loved it! :D

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