Basic Guide To All Weather Wicker Furniture

All weather wicker furniture was well received when it first came onto the
market due to its tolerance of different weather conditions. However, wicker
furniture includes both fake and real materials. Continue reading to find
out more about how to take care of this kind of furniture.

How Do You Care, Clean And Refinish All Weather Wicker Furniture?

Wicker furniture, including wicker bar stools, is not difficult to clean and
maintain. In addition to cleaning, you might need to refinish it, something
that is also simple indeed. Regular cleaning of such furniture is an absolute
necessity and must be done using the brush component of your vacuum cleaner.
The cleaning part of this furniture must be done whenever something has been
spilt over it, including water and food spills. In addition to removing all
spills you must also strive to ensure that your furniture is out of the reach
of regular moisture-more than it can tolerate-as this can damage the furniture,
even if it is outdoor sofas or pool furniture. The fact that it is all weather
does not mean you must ignore it.

As for cleaning the furniture, a simple brush with a few bristles should do the
job, especially for dirty areas that may not be easy to access with other
cleaning materials. The refinishing job of this furniture incorporates adding
natural wicker to areas that might be fading in color. In addition, if you wish
to alter the color of wicker, a spray stripper should be able to remove paint,
of course primer and paint to complete the job. With that done you can then use
vanish or a clear coat to seal the process.

The Difference Between Fake and Original Wicker

Fake wicker has gained in popularity. Fake
wicker is made from HDPE, at type of high-density polyethylene plastic. Because
it is ‘high density’ means, it is hard, as well as heavy. The main reason why
some people prefer fake wicker above the real wicker is basic: fake wicker, made from
resin, has a UV protective component that can protect this furniture from rain,
snow and excessive sunshine. In addition to this, it also remains the same over
the years, meaning its color does not fade. On the other hand, real wicker can
rot and mold owing to the fact that it does not have a high degree of tolerance
for moist conditions.

Therefore, at the end of the day the choice of whether to invest in real or
fake wicker lies solely with what you prefer. However, generally the decision
eventually becomes about which piece of furniture causes the least of worries
when it comes to maintenance, and of course, fake wicker comes out tops.


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