Bathroom and Kitchen Tile Wall Stickers

Felur De Lis Tile Wall Sticker
Felur De Lis Tile Wall Sticker

About wall tile stickers....!

Have you been stuck with a plain tiled bathroom and don't want the hassle of retiling? Or maybe even tiles with some little motifs in the middle you don't like!? Bathroom and kitchen tile wall stickers are a unique and cost effective way of decorating your current bathroom / kitchen without the need to retile. Just simply add some tile wall stickers onto plain tiles to add a whole new look. Available in various colours to suit any theme or design and best of all - when you get bored or want an update they can be easily removed and replaced!

Designs Available

Bathroom and kitchen tile wall stickers are available from Spin Collective who design and retail wall stickers for interior design and home decorating. All of the tile sticker designs for retail have been rigorously tested and are suitable for kitchen / bathroom use as well as shower cubicles.

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Cishemant 4 years ago

I like the bathroom designs on the site, they are enjoyable and refreshing according to delight moods. Check what I recently come across:

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