Battery Operated Weed Eaters - Cordless Weed Eater

A battery operated weed eater can be a great addition to your lawn.These cordless weed eaters are becoming more popular with the improvement in battery life and reduced pollution levels compared to their gas counterparts.Unlike a normal gas or electric trimmer, the user is not required to drag around a cord that gets entangled on almost everything, instead the device allows the user to roam around freely.

Things to check before buying a Battery Operated Weed Eater

One needs to consider the size of his lawn and the amount of weeds to trim before making a decision.The voltage of the weed eater determines the trimming ability of the machine. A 36 v tool would be ideal for larger lawns, while for smaller ones a 18v trimmer would suffice.On an average,these batteries run between a half hour to an hour before they are to be recharged.However there are weed eaters available that don't require charging for upto two hours.Another thing to consider is the cutting width of the blades, With a larger diameter,the amount of weeds that can be trimmed increases.One can look for additional features like telescoping handles and auto feed spool at a little extra cost.

Advantages and disadvantages of a Rechargeable Trimmer

A battery operated Weed eater comes with its many inherent advantages and disadvantages.Its lighter and easy to handle compared to gas trimmers.They emit no poisonous gases thus making it an environment friendly machine.However cordless weed eaters may not be suitable to trim the weeds over a larger area at a faster pace as they are not as powerful as a gas trimmer.

Battery operated trimmers are suitable for those who require a portable trimmer with no maintenance issues at an affordable cost.The machine offers a noise free and environment friendly environment and is safe for people of all backgrounds to use.

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