Beach Cottage Decorating For Your Winter Home


Your home may be surrounded with snow and ice but it can still invoke visions of a tropical paradise. The flow of easy beach cottage living is reminiscent of the laid back mood of yesterdays gone by. A time when excursions to the beach brought us exercises of freedom and mystery and when everything stirred with the excitement of life. Simply put beach cottage decorating reminds us that life just seems better on the beach.


Beach cottage-decorating genius, mirrors nature’s free style. Start with sun bleached walls, light colored pastel sheers and valances, over inexpensive white pull down shades. Keeping the backdrop walls white or woodwork white allows you the luxury of adding that nautical green seaweed, violet baby clams or the turquoise blue dried botanicals. The sunny yellows give way to the cranberry reds of small buds in a vase. Coastal colors and beach symbols convey a charming ambiance of peaceful, even existence. Let your imagination go wild with a patch of cattails, pot of moss, driftwood or shells. An aqua starfish lying beside a beach treasure of sea urchins complements simple lines. Those deep coral branches may be just the right contrast alongside a model of a nautical ship.

Create a beach house mirror, by hot gluing mini shell or other nautical objects onto a mirror. Decorate coffee tables and end tables with living plants. It’s easy to bring nature inside with living plants. When natural light is available, root plants from cuttings in clear glass vases with water. Roots growing from cuttings or bamboo plants can enhances sandy earth tones inside your seaside hideaway.

Choose uncomplicated paintings of unique style, distinctive colors, palm trees or tropical fish. For that matter, why not experiment with some real tropical fish? Setting up a tropical fish tank may be a bit of an investment in money and time but will greatly add to the relaxing mood of your beach panacea.

Another consideration when decorating is the inclusion of scent. Potpourris of Oceania fragrances, sandalwood, vanilla or cedar envelop our senses. The pleasant smell of salt air floods our memories, and cultivate lost images of happy times. Remember that beach cottage decorating is all about mood.


Decorate the kitchen with hanging baskets, crockery, pottery jugs and baskets. Think flea market or farmers market, with hand-woven fabrics and wooden bowls. Certain foods displayed in a kitchen indicate an impromptu meal may be coming: likes fresh lemons, limes and garlic. Try starting a herb garden in a small window box. Even pictures of certain food associated with beach life can conjure up pleasant memories of fishing or claming on the beach.

It can get cold even on the beach so warm up fast with your freestanding fireplace. A pot bellied stove or a full functioning fireplace is a cozy addition to the beach house décor. If you have a patio area, an outdoor stove or portable stove works well here too. Choose sturdy cast iron patio furniture or furniture that can withstand the elements. Add a few rustic hurricane lanterns and a lighthouse and you can almost smell the conch stew cooking. Anyone can turn his or her winter home into a beach house. By taking their cues from nature, the serenity of the beach can be yours, no matter where you live.

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